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Our anti hacking policy

All of our pros regularly upload proofs (such as videos or alike) for every single PvE and PvP order completion. Even if our pros are routinely screened, our dedicated team still reviews every order.

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Conditional Finality - Exotic Weapon Boost in Destiny 2
5-10 mins Estimated Starting Time
One to Multiple Weeks Estimated Completion Time

Conditional Finality - Exotic Weapon Boost

Root of Nightmares Raid Exotic Shotgun, Destiny 2 Conditional Finality - Guaranteed - Farmed until it Drops


Our pro player will farm Nazarec kills, the last boss from the Root of Nightmares Raid, to let you obtain this great Shotgun! You can also tag along with our pro and complete everything in Sherpa, of course. 

In general, this is a long term service, and the price reflects the amount of time this order can take. You can, however, customize your order A LOT! There are two ways to get this weapon: 

  1. Weekly attempts on your selected amount of guardians (we suggest 3 for maximum chances, but you can drop the price if you want us to try on less guardians). This is the pre-selected option as it is the most common. 
  2. Extra attempts added when the raid is in rotation. If you want to add more than the available attempts in our dropdown menu, contact us and we can build a custom price for you.

In some occasions (according to available fireteams), our pro may also clear the whole raid every week. If you want this to be guaranteed, please pick the extra option above, as it may grant you more armor and weapons on the way.


  • The most flexible and advanced Exotic weapon farming service in the industry! Your Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun is at reach at the price, and with the system, that you prefer. 
  • Very high customization for your order, using all the mechanics the game has to offer
  • All the loot that drops from Nezarec kills
  • Season Pass and Artifact XP
  • Everything that drops on the way you get to keep too, of course!


  • On this page, you can view the product's description and customize your order with Extra Options.
  • After purchasing, we need you to kindly provide us your order information (such as the Guardian you want us to complete the service on, for example).
  • In the meanwhile, we will get in touch on Discord to start working on your order! Our website's LiveChat can guide you on the way if you need help.
  • We will match you with a pro that fits your needs and organise the service's start, keeping you up to date!
  • If you buy a Sherpa service, we will create a group conference between you and your assigned pro, so you can schedule and meet each other in game. Sherpas are always recommended for 100% safety. 
  • If you buy a Recovery service, we will find a pro that will log on your account and start as soon as possible. You will be able to communicate with them directly through a Discord channel to exchange login codes.


  • In the meanwhile, our customer support can always assist you in Discord DMs for any question, 24/7!

What is the ETA for an Exotic weapon service like this?

In general, when you order the standard weekly attempts, the service can take an indefinite amount of time. Every week, our pro is guaranteed to try at some point during the reset. Obviously, if you have specific requests (example: you prefer us to try on Fridays), just ask! You can also guarantee yourself more priority for the weekly farms by choosing the Speed options. 

However, this service is purely RNG based, as it can drop on the first try of your first Guardian or take 6 weeks after trying it on all of your Guardians every week. That's why our service can save you a ton of time, both in Sherpa or Recovery. 


24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Constant help from our team if anything is unclear during this long grind!
Here for the Long Term

Here for the Long Term

You will save a lot of time with this service. Guaranteed.
Guardians Customization

Guardians Customization

Get the best price according to your needs

Requirements & Rules


Sherpa is the only way to be completely safe with these services. In light of Bungie's Tweet in March 2023, Recoveries can be targeted and banned. If you still want to proceed with a Recovery service, we will use a VPN to protect you as much as possible, as we will connect to your country. However, this is never going to be a bulletproof protection. Sherpa is heavily recommended, as you can learn, have fun, and save a lot of time by playing with great pros. 


- Season of Defiance / Lightfall Expansion
- 1780 power level


How do we get in touch?

There is a quick procedure to complete only on your first purchase!

  1. We need you to kindly join this Discord server
    We call it the ‘Contact-Only’ server as it allows you to message all of our support departments without a friend request (standard Discord settings allow you to message any contact that shares a server with you).
    Please note that this server looks empty on purpose for your privacy – nobody can see other server members so you are completely anonymous.
  2. Once you have joined the server, you can message us at "blazingboost_destiny2_official", our most active Destiny support account.
  3. We will communicate in a Discord Group Conference that we will create once you are in touch with us. The conference will contain all of our Destiny support accounts, so that all of our team can chat with you 24/7/365 with no downtime.

You may also receive an invitation to the specific conference via email if you cannot find us. In any case, the process is easy and fast. No worries!

Will I be in touch with my assigned pro player too?

Yes! For any of our services, you can always communicate with your pro. If you purchase a Sherpa service, you will have another group conference with your assigned pro, named with your order ID. You will be able to schedule a time and coordinate when you’ll meet each other in game to complete your service. We always recommend Sherpas for 100% safety and the best service experience.

If you purchase a Recovery instead (completed with account sharing), you will be able to communicate with your pro in a specific channel we will create in the Contact Only server. We encourage you to use this channel primarily to exchange login codes (SMS or any other system you have enabled on your Destiny account) so that our pro can login easily.

In the meanwhile, our support will always assist you directly. Even if you are in touch with your pros for a smoother coordination, our support is specifically trained to help you in great detail.

Which players work with you to complete my service?

Our recruitment procedure is very strict. We only work with very strong players that are contracted with us, and we make sure not to hire any cheaters, of course. To do so, we have a dedicated team with a lot of internal procedures to keep our roster clean. Any rotten apple is immediately filtered out.

Is my Destiny account safe?

In general, we employ every single system to make sure your service and account are safe.

However, it also depends on the product that you are purchasing. Sherpa services have zero risks as they are not against the game’s rules. They are fast, can generally be completed by our pro players on any platform due to Crossplay and we always encourage them as they are the future of this industry.

Account Sharing (Recovery) services, on the other hand, are against the game’s rules and cannot be considered completely safe. Even though our pros use a VPN, you need to be aware that a Recovery can never be considered 100% bulletproof.  Therefore, if you purchase a Recovery we encourage you not to overdo it and to change your password after each order.

What is your refund policy?

In general, you can always ask for a cash refund if the service has not been started yet, or change your order into something else with a credit refund. This is in line with your consumer rights. 
As per our terms and conditions, the service is considered as started once a pro player has been found and the order has been organised. After the service's start, you can:

  1. ask for a cash refund if the ETA is doubled, in which case we are obliged to give you your money back for the part of the order that was not completed yet
  2. still change your order by requesting a credit refund

By default, if you experience delays caused by us or our player, we will always offer you a compensation (partial refunds, future discounts, website credit, or similar). We are on your side and we want you to have the best possible experience when shopping at BlazingBoost

Need a custom deal?

  • we suggest the right bundle for you
  • we can explain how any product works
  • we will build a custom service for you at the best price

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Why should I get Conditional Finality?

Conditional Finality is one of the best raid exotics currently in the game, and one of the most powerful weapons. It offers a unique blend of crowd control and damage potential thanks to its dual-elemental firing mode, stasis and solar. Stasis pellets will freeze enemies and set them up for shatter damage, while the Solar shot can ignite them for additional burn damage.

This versatility allows Guardians to adapt their playstyle to various combat situations and become more effective against a wider range of enemy types. Additionally, the Disruption Break perk helps to quickly disable Unstoppable Champions, making this weapon a valuable asset in high-level Nightfalls and other challenging PvE activities.

How to get Conditional Finality in Destiny 2?

Conquer the Root of Nightmares Raid: This Exotic Shotgun is an exclusive exotic drop from defeating the final boss, Nezarec, the Final God of Pain, in the Root of Nightmares Raid.

Face the Challenge: The Root of Nightmares Raid is a complex and demanding end-game activity requiring teamwork, strategy, and honed Guardian skills.

Embrace the Grind: With a base drop rate of around 3% per character per completion, acquiring Conditional Finality might take multiple runs through the Raid.

Increase Your Odds: Completing specific Triumphs associated with the Root of Nightmares Raid can increase your chances of receiving Conditional Finality upon defeating the final boss.

Fireteam Power: Assemble a well-coordinated fireteam with experience tackling Raid challenges to optimize your chances of success.

Is Conditional Finality better in PvE or PvP?

While the weapon is great in both activities due to its overall versatility, its still more of a must have for PvP, rather than PvE. Conditional Finality has one of the highest handling values in-game, making it perfect for PvP, both defensive and the offensive engagements.

Furthermore, with the ability to freeze and ignite targets, it's one of the only weapons that allow you to easily kill an enemy in a titan bubble, or a warlock well. However, this doesn't mean that the weapon is only good for PvP, and is no good in PvE. For PvE activities such as nightfalls, raids, dungeons and lost sectors Conditional Finality can still be a solid weapon choice, with high damage output and the ability to deal with multiple champion types.

Does Conditional Finality have a catalyst?

Unfortunately, just like, One Thousand Voices, DivinityEyes of Tomorrow, and Collective Obligation, Conditional Finality doesn't have a catalyst available. It follows the pattern of new non-reprised raid exotics not having exotic catalysts.