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Service Description and Requirements

World of Tanks Weekly Bonds Farming is a piloted service where our booster will log onto your account (according to previously agreed schedule) and will work on any number of Tier X Tanks to gather a required amount of Bonds. One Tier X tank will provide 100 Bonds in Total/week and it takes about 1-3h to grind 100 Bonds from a single tank. 


Usage of Tier X tanks requires a lot of Silver therefore it is required to prepare 200k of Silver for every Tier X tank that should be farmed for Bonds. In the case where additional silver is required, our booster will play with your Premium Tanks (if you have any) to grind some more. 


Every Tier X tank that you want our boosters to use must be equipped with a crew that will have at least 1 - 2 skills. If you are missing crews or silver, our boosters can prepare your crews and silver for an additional fee (Extra Options).

Premium Account is also required due to large amount of Silver loss per each battle. Premium Account will reduce that amount significantly and therefore it is mandatory. 


- 200k Silver / Tank (for each selected week)
- Premium Account 
- Enough gameplay hours / day for our booster so he can complete the service (depending on the number of selected tanks)
- Premium Tank (Not absolutely required, but welcome addition in case where additional silver is required)


Our boosters will play the best they can with the goal not to harm your overall and individual WN8 score. If your WN8 score is 1800, we will try to find a corresponding booster for your WN8. An assigned booster will not deliver games 500 WN8 lower than your average WN8 but he might deliver higher than your average score.  


If the WN8 score isn't of particular interest to you (the customer) service, in general, will be started sooner due to the larger pool of our players who will be able to take your service. 


Why should I purchase World of Tanks Weekly Bonds Farming Service?

It has been established by our advisors that the majority of World of Tanks players are losing a lot of Bonds every week because they are not playing Tier X tanks long enough to unlock their maximum potential of 100 Bonds / Tank. We are offering you an opportunity to get up to 4000 Bonds per Week, and not just this week but every week if you decide to purchase our services. 


The value of Bonds, in general, is Great. Aside from interesting tanks that you may unlock, the most valuable Bond items are Experimental Equipment that is valued from 3000 - 5000 Bonds. 

How do you deal with cheating and automated assist tools?

Any form of cheating / using bots and similar is strictly prohibited. Our boosters are bound by a contract and are tested regularly for which we have employed a team of people for every game. Most of our boosters are veterans who have completed hundreds (some thousands) of services in other games, so we are not dealing with these kinds of problems. We are really happy to have created a strong and trusted team over the years, allowing us to serve you well in the World of Tanks

Is my account Safe? Do I lose access or can I still play?

You can obviously still play even if you have an open service with us! Our players will not be online for the whole day (unless necessary / if there is an agreement with you to do that), hence why your gaming time is still possible.
In any case, for maximum security, we do recommend not logging in too much while our booster is online.

To give you the best possible safety available in the market, every booster is forced to play with a VPN when logging on your account, mirroring your country. 

What do I need to purchase World of Tanks Weekly Bonds Farming Service?

We use Discord as our means of communicating with you, as it is one of the most effective communication platforms. Besides that, absolutely nothing. After you buy our World of Tanks service, you will get in contact with us over Discord, at which point we will process your order and start looking for a booster. Once the session is over, we will chat about it on Discord and ask you for feedback on how you felt during the service. Your comments will help us grow and allow us to become a better company.