Buy WoW lvl 60 Character Premades

We will prepare level 60 (or lower) characters for you.

Buy the WoW Classic character you like! We will prepare it from scratch. Customize your level, professions, and everything you like.

Order you WoW classic character

Get it on your MAIN account!

Temporary note: Blizzard has confirmed that transfers will not initially work. You will be able to transfer your character to your main Classic account once Blizzard enables transfers at some point.

Play Classic on release with your friends, but expect a character on your account soon enough!

Order a character

We create the character, level it and gear it up according to your request

We transfer the character to YOUR ACCOUNT when it's ready

Is this type of boost safer?

  • Order a Character system is certainly the safest possible option once transfers are enabled. We never had issues with it on BFA.

  • For now, on Classic, you will still have to log the account after the completion. This means that there will be one account sharing moment. If you login 48 hours after the account is ready, we can simulate traveling. This will help.

  • Even if we cannot guarantee bullet proof safety due to the unavoidable SINGLE account sharing activity, Order a Character is certainly a lot safer than a full piloted boost. If anything happens, we will address the case with you.

When will it be completed?

  • According to the priority you choose, the ETA is different. Please understand that these services take a long time and we aren't excessively strict on the delivery day. However, in case of delays, we certainly compensate at max level and find a solution together. We will be on your side.

Some classes are slower. The price may change a bit.
    • 10
    • 20
    • 30
    • 40
    • 50
    • 60
    Extra options will delay the delivery:

    For specific request that you cannot create on this page, consider a Service request!

    ETA: 1-60 can require 200 hours. Standard orders roughly take 4 weeks. Priority 3 weeks. Super priority 2 weeks.