WoW Classic Leveling

Boost your Classic character up to 60!

We will complete your WoW Classic leveling boost with account sharing up to lvl 60. Customize your service!

Some classes are slower. The price may change a bit.
Extra options will delay the delivery:
ETA: 1-60 can require 200 hours. Standard orders roughly take 4 weeks. Priority 3 weeks. Super priority 2 weeks.

How will the ETA work?

  • We are unable to guarantee specific estimates and deadlines. Servers may lag or too many people leveling at once will make a quest hub impossible to go through. Delays can be around the corner.

  • Consequently, Blazingboost will offer you 'PRIORITY' concepts with a rough delivery period. Will High Priority, you will be given a more experienced booster that will play more efficiently and with less breaks. With Super Priority, you will be given one of the boosters we trust the most and you will be at the top of our list.

If this is not successful, we will compensate you with discounts or bonuses for level 60 end-game content. Gear is more important than being level 60 a few days before a friend!

Is this boost safe?

  • Piloted leveling on YOUR Battle.Net account may attract attention. We suggest to consider our Order a Character section or Selfplay services.

  • Blizzard may decide to target account sharing activities for classic. If you get suspended on your Classic account, your BFA license WILL ALSO BE HIT because it shares the same subscription. In case you have a BFA active license and you are not a returning player, we suggest you to go for Self Play & Order a Character only services, or consider getting a Piloted boost on a WoW 2 account or a brand new BATTLE NET account.

  • We will always be 100% transparent about all the possible risks. It will be your choice if going for a safe method or a risky one; from us you can expect suggestions about what is safer. Even after purchasing we will still warn you as we want to make sure you have understood everything.