WoW Classic Leveling

Boost your Classic character up to 60!

We will complete your WoW Classic leveling boost with account sharing up to lvl 60. Customize your service!

Some classes are slower. The price may change a bit.
Extra options will delay the delivery:
ETA: 1-60 can require 200 hours. Standard orders roughly take 4 weeks. Priority 3 weeks. Super priority 2 weeks.

How will the ETA work?

  • We are unable to guarantee specific estimates and deadlines. Servers may lag or too many people leveling at once will make a quest hub impossible to go through. Delays can be around the corner.

  • Consequently, Blazingboost will offer you 'PRIORITY' concepts with a rough delivery period. Will High Priority, you will be given a more experienced booster that will play more efficiently and with less breaks. With Super Priority, you will be given one of the boosters we trust the most and you will be at the top of our list.

If this is not successful, we will compensate you with discounts or bonuses for level 60 end-game content. Gear is more important than being level 60 a few days before a friend!

Is this boost safe?

  • Piloted leveling on YOUR Battle.Net account may attract attention. We suggest to consider our Order a Character section or Selfplay services.

  • Blizzard may decide to target account sharing activities for classic. If you get suspended on your Classic account, your BFA license WILL ALSO BE HIT because it shares the same subscription. In case you have a BFA active license and you are not a returning player, we suggest you to go for Self Play & Order a Character only services, or consider getting a Piloted boost on a WoW 2 account or a brand new BATTLE NET account.

  • We will always be 100% transparent about all the possible risks. It will be your choice if going for a safe method or a risky one; from us you can expect suggestions about what is safer. Even after purchasing we will still warn you as we want to make sure you have understood everything.


Leveling in Classic WoW

Many players remember their first ventures into Azeroth as a long and strenuous process towards max level - level 60, where the end game content becomes available and one starts TRULY progressing their characters. Nowadays, we are used to the convenience of purchasing a max level boost directly from Blizzard, but unfortunately for some, this is not possible in Classic. This is a gate towards end-game content, and for many players, end-game content is the sole reason of playing the game.

Many Classic enthusiasts appreciate the original state of the game, and according to popular opinion, the way that the game should be played. Leveling is an integral part of the WoW Classic experience. However, in today’s day and age, many of us don’t have the time to spend countless hours in Stranglethorn Vale or Feralas hunting down that rare spawn that we desperately need to progress on the quest chain.

Why should I buy a boost?

Even with a very efficient route, Leveling in Classic is a grind that can really wear you down. You would be looking at up to 200 hours /played or even more. If you don’t have the available time to commit to leveling - we at Blazingboost can take care of that for you! Purchasing a Classic leveling service can save you hundreds of hours:

With our services, we do not only aim to save you the effort, but more importantly, your time. Leveling in Classic can take several hundred hours which many are not able to commit due to school, work, or their family. Enjoying the game and the end-game content doesn’t have to mean that you have to spend countless hours leveling!

Is it safe?

Piloted services are completed with Safecarry which is our signature software we’ve been developing since 2015. This is the safest way to conduct services that include account sharing and dramatically reduce risks of suspensions and bans. This way, Blizzard will NOT automatically detect the access from another computer to your account. However, no account sharing service can be completely safe, but you can rest assured that we’ve taken every precautionary measure possible to ensure your account’s safety!

Will I save time?

Our Piloted leveling services will greatly increase the speed at which your character is leveling. You can coordinate with our booster regarding your play time - so if you have a raid to attend on your main character, or you’d like to experience your characters progress first hand, our booster will not interrupt you!

How does it work?

  • Choose a starting point for your level, e.g. level 20, and the final point for your service, e.g. level 60.

  • Choose the Class of the character you would like to be progressed on (some classes are more difficult to level up which may change the price. For example, leveling a Warrior will take a lot more time and effort than leveling a Hunter)

  • Choose the speed you would like your character to be leveled at: regular speed, priority, or super priority. The leveling process in Classic can take hundreds of hours, and our boosters can truly commit all of their time towards your character. The standard estimated time for serivce completion is 4 weeks, but if you’re looking for someone to truly crank up the speed, at super priority you can expect your character to hit max level in just 2 weeks!

  • Choose your schedule: our booster will work on your account ONLY when you’re online! This means that your character will be played almost 24 hours a day which will propel you towards max level.

  • Choose additional features: such as a gathering, or a crafting profession, amount of gold at level 60 or even an epic mount!

Classic WoW experience

Class design in Classic is incredibly unique, and each and every one of them has their own very distinct strengths and weaknesses. If you’re more of a team player, a Warrior who can both tank and DPS very effectively would be a fantastic choice for you. However, Warrior performs very poorly in solo-content without good gear, so the leveling process can be very tiring. Even the best players die plenty of times on their way to level 60! On the other hand, a class like Hunter isn’t a very popular choice for raids, but the utility it provides makes it absolutely necessary for some encouters - if there’s a mob to be kited or controlled, Hunter is perfect to perform this task! Of course, this all stems from the utility from open world and solo activities. Every class in Classic has an item, or two, or more, that add specific flavour to their toolkit and appearance: Benediction/Anathema truly defines the Classic Priest look and truly showcases just how impressive that character is. Rhok’delar for Hunters is another such item, and it truly displays the Hunters’ prowess in the open world combat, having slain many elite mobs and perfecting the art of kiting. One of the most iconic items of all - the Bloodfang Hood for Rogues, really shows that they mean business.

Class design isn’t only limited to classes, but also to factions: Alliance has access to the noble Paladin and their extensive utility set: a variety of Blessings to improve the groups performance and very powerful cooldowns to deal with the most challenging situations. Paladin, just like Warlock, is featured with a mount unique for their classes - Warhorse and The Charger for Paladins, Felsteed and Dreadsteed for Warlocks. Shamans, native to the Horde, are known for their incredibly potent toolkit that practically enables a whole new meta-game in 5 man dungeons: Melee Cleave. Shamans allow for a very fast-paced dungeon runs with practically no downtime: due to Warriors and Rogues not requiring any mana. All they need is a Windfury totem! Even though Shamans are very popular and desirable healers, they are also known for their notorious burst damage, especially in PvP! Some of the most epic old-school PvP videos depict the sheer power of the Shaman with a strong weapon in their hands.

Being level 60

You will gain access and will be easily invited to any max level dungeon, such as Stratholme, Scholomance or Dire Maul. These dungeons are fantastic places to obtain gear for your character which is necessary to be considered by a raiding guild, or a PuG group, or even to be competitive in PvP. Although you can technically enter these dungeons at level 55, the group leader is unlikely to seriously consider you to occupy a spot in their group -- being level 60 provides the max rank for every ability, an in-game feature completely different to what we might have been used to in retail WoW. This is the reason why a level 60 player with poor gear might outperform a level 55 player with great gear, and this is not even considering the level of the mobs in the dungeon and their defense rating scaling directly against a non-max level character.

In Classic, in order to enter the epic 40-man raid zone, first you must be attuned to the raid - sometimes even dungeons!

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