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Pandaemonium is an exhilarating end-game raid introduced in the highly anticipated expansion, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. This epic raid adventure unfolds across three distinct tiers, with each tier gradually unveiled as you progress through the expansion. The raid promises a total of 12 formidable bosses, each guarding their own secrets and challenges.

Tier 1: Asphodelos - Uncover the Secrets
The first tier of the Pandaemonium raid, Asphodelos, is your gateway to the mysteries that shroud this enigmatic place. In this tier, you'll confront four challenging encounters, known as Circles, each featuring a unique boss:

  • The First Circle - Engage in a fierce battle with the inaugural boss, Erichthonios.
  • The Second Circle - Confront the formidable Hippokampos, the second boss in the raid.
  • The Third Circle - Test your mettle against the enigmatic Phoinix, the third boss.
  • The Fourth Circle - Reach the climax of Asphodelos as you face Hesperos, the final boss in this tier.

Tier 2: Abyssos - Delve Deeper into Darkness
Abyssos, the second tier of Pandaemonium, was unleashed with Patch 6.2 Buried Memory. Here, you'll venture even deeper into the heart of this raid, where secrets and malevolence abound. Abyssos comprises another set of four Circles:

  • The Fifth Circle - Confront the peculiar and powerful Proto-Carbuncle, the first boss of Abyssos.
  • The Sixth Circle - Face the challenges posed by Hegemone, the enigmatic second boss of Abyssos.
  • The Seventh Circle - Engage in a battle of wits and strength with Agdistis, the third boss.
  • The Eighth Circle - Your journey through Abyssos culminates in an epic showdown with Hephaistos, the final boss of this tier.

​​​​​​​Tier 3: Anabaseios - Unleash the Dark
The third and final tier, Anabaseios, will be unveiled with Patch 6.4, titled The Dark Throne. This tier mirrors the structure of its predecessors, featuring four Circles, each guarding its own secrets:

  • The Ninth Circle - Prepare to challenge the first boss of Anabaseios, a mysterious adversary.
  • The Tenth Circle - Encounter another formidable foe as you battle the second boss of Anabaseios.
  • The Eleventh Circle - Uncover the secrets of the third boss in Anabaseios and face the challenges it presents.
  • ​​​​​​​The Twelfth Circle - Your journey through Pandaemonium reaches its zenith as you confront the fourth boss of Anabaseios.

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