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HOW do gathering profession jobs boosts work in Final Fantasy XIV?

After you've browsed through our website and picked the desired Final Fantasy XIV gathering service that you would like us to complete for you, we would kindly ask you to reach out to us via Discord in order to sort out all the necessary order details.
Final Fantasy XIV gathering services are completed through account share and when we receive your order, we will immediately start looking for the most appropriate booster who can start the service going promptly. We will continue our communication through the dedicated discord channel that we have active 24/7 at your disposal. We will provide you with regular service updates and how is booster progressing throughout the day. As always, if you have any concerns/doubts, don't hesitate to ask us.

What are gathering profession jobs in Final Fantasy XIV?

The whole concept of gathering jobs oriented farming can in general be considered as a fun side activity in Final Fantasy XIV. You are able to level up 3 distinct gathering jobs: Botanist, Fisher and Miner. You probably wonder why is this important? Honestly, crafting equipment, consumables and countless useful items can give you a lot of benefits and none of those can be crafted without the resources collected by gathering jobs. Let’s look at some of the basic synergies between gathering classes and crafters:
- Botanist (BTN) will supply goods for a Carpenter, Culinarian, Leatherworker, and Weaver.
- Fisher (FSH) will provide materials for an Alchemist and Culinarian.
-Miner (MIN) will gather components for an Alchemist, Armorer, Blacksmith, and Goldsmith.

You should keep those in mind if you want to get a combination of crafting and gathering jobs. Alternatively you can just farm resources in current content and earn some easy Gil by selling those. All things considered, there are many benefits to leveling up one or more gathering jobs, the only downside is the time investment needed to level them up and that is where we can come in to help you!

How long does it take to start and complete my order after I buy a Final Fantasy XIV gathering profession jobs boost?

Every service has an estimated time of completion written as ETA. In general, our approach for calculating ETAs of services is based on experience and game knowledge. The whole of our team is heavily oriented towards gaming, so we are always aware if someone from the boosting team is being slow. However, we are sometimes forced to apply a certain degree of tolerance, for example:
- If the server lags too much (especially on release day)
- If the queue is especially long, causing login delays
- Too many people leveling at once can make quest hub impossible to go through. 

As you can imagine this all can heavily impact ETAs. In general we have a specific refund policy that obliges us to refund you partially in cash or credit with a bonus. This can be done if we have a clear case that it's booster's own fault and the server or anything else is not slowing him down.