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What are Extreme Trials? What's new in Endwalker?

Extreme Trials are usually significantly more difficult versions of Normal Trials. They require greater knowledge and skill than normal Trials but also offer a better rewards and more Allagan Tomestones. Most of them also have a mount drop associated with them.
With the release od Endwalker 2 level 90 Extreme Trials were added to the game, they are: The Minstrel's Ballad: Zodiark's Fall and The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call. They are currently one of the best ways to gear up and prepare for the new raid.

Why should I buy an extreme Trials boost in Final Fantasy XIV?

Extreme Trials are a great source of gear, so if you want to keep your character up to date and get him ready for the raid, they are a way to go. They are also a decent time commitment and require good knowledge of the fights, that's where we jump in. One of our top boosters will run your character through the Extreme Trial of your choice. Even if you are less fortunate with gear drops the Trials drop Totems which can be exchanged for accessories and weapons at Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han.

Is it safe to buy Extreme Trail?

In order to maintain the level of business and service that we have upheld from 2012 until present time, we focus greatly on transparency. As you should already know, all boosting services carry a certain amount of risk involved with account sharing.
In order to alleviate the risk that comes with account sharing orders, we can set up and configure a VPN at your request for overall enhanced account safety. As always, whenever available, we suggest Selfplay services as a great alternative to account share.
However Selfplay services require your personal involvement in gameplay, which can sound overwhelming at first for some people, so please do not feel afraid or ashamed. Please note that every team that you'll be matched with is extremely professional and polite. So you can learn quite a bit with self play method.

How does the Final Fantasy XIV Extreme Trials boost work?

After you place an order we will get in touch on our official Final Fantasy XIV discord. There we will start looking for a team for your service and will assign the first one available. For the piloted boosts we also offer a VPN as a safety measure, which the team can use, if you request it. We'll also try to stick to your schedule, so if there's a specific time frame that you want the team to play around, we'll try to organize the run around that time.