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Ultimate Raids are arguably the most prestigious form of content currently in Final Fantasy XIV and they are here to stay. Sqaure Enix intention is to keep them in game as long as they keep the players excited and entertained. Aside from the sheer popularity it is important to mention the epic title 'The Legend' that you can obtain after successfully clearing the raid.

There are 3 Ultimate raids in total, and this expansion had only 1 Ultimate raid added which is called The Epic of Alexander and is unlocked after completing Eden's Gate Savage (E4S). To put it into perspective, The Epic of Alexander awards 30 Allagan Tomestones of Revelation for 1 boss compared to 30 Allagan Tomestones of Revelation from E8S-E12S even though it’s technically 2 tiers ago. They’re the hardest PVE content in the game. The other ultimate raids are The Unending Coil of Bahamut and The Weapon’s Refrain. Raids drop Coffers, which are basically tokens that are distributed through whatever method the party uses. The main distribution method is party loot, identical to group loot in World of Warcraft where you roll for the loot; Need before Greed system. Masterloot/Lootmaster also exists so it’s possible to run loot funnel/VIP runs.


We use Discord as our means of communicating with you, as it is probably the most effective and the most used communication platform. Besides that, absolutely nothing else is required. After you buy our Final Fantasy XIV service, you will get in contact with us over the Discord, at which point we will process your order and start looking for first available booster. Once the service is completed, we will chat about it on Discord and ask you for the feedback on how you felt during the service. Your comments or any specific details you've noticed will help us grow and allow us to become a better company.


In order to maintain the level of business and service that we have upheld so far, we focus greatly on transparency. As you should already know, all boosting services carry a certain risk. The highest risk factor is pertained in Piloted services, where our booster is inclined to log in to your account. In order to alleviate the risk when performing Piloted services, we set up and configure VPN for enchanced account safety. In general, we greatly suggest that you ALWAYS consider the Selfplay service first, since it eliminates virtually all the risk carried by Piloted services. Selfplay does require your personal involvement, so please do not feel afraid, ashamed or any kind of related emotion in terms of your own abilities. In case you have ANY kind of doubts, please inform us and we will find the most adequate approach for your order. In case you accept the risk of Piloted services, they are available for virtually all of the aforementioned services above.