Pandaemonium All 4 Circles Savage Raid in Final Fantasy XIV

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 2-4 Days (Flexible)

Service info


You will receive all the loot your character is eligible for, including 605 iLvl weapons if they drop! This raid currently offers the best gear in the game and the newest glamours. If you plan to purchase the service closer to the weekly reset, please contact us so we can confirm if there is a spot. In fact, buying this raid service before the weekly reset may result into a run early in the new reset.

Requirements / Rules


If you are looking to get this service on PS4/5, please contact us on Discord before deciding to purchase. Due to a lack of teams on PS Consoles, we can't guarantee clears without checking with the teams first.

- Level 90 in any Disciple of War or Magic Jobs
- 580 item Level
- Completion of the Feature Quest 'Where Familiars Dare'
- Please note that this service is completed with account sharing. We will need your login info after the purchase. You do not lose access to your account, as we will simply coordinate your playing time and your booster's playing sessions on Discord. If you wish, a VPN can be used for more security.