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What is the palace of the dead?

Palace of the Dead (PoTD) is the first Deep Dungeon released in Final Fantasy XIV. It has 200 floors and employs a set of rules and mechanics unique to deep dungeons. Your character starts from level 1 when you first enter the Palace of the Dead and you are able to level to 60. Those levels are unique to PoTD and are only shown while in the Deep Dungeon. Besides the levels that you gain in there, you also get a unique gear set called Aetherpool Gear, it consists of an Aetherpool weapon and Aetherpool armor both of which can be enhanced to a maximum strength of +99.
The main reason to increase your levels and strengthen Aetherpool Gear is so you can reach and complete higher floors which will contain greater rewards. 

Why should I buy a Palace of the Dead boost in Final Fantasy XIV?

Palace of the Dead offers many rewards, completing a set of floors (1 set = 10 floors) rewards you with Gil, Experience and Allagan Tomestones. You can also acquire many interesteing glamours, pets and mounts and the one reward standing above others is the title "The Necromance". To acquire the title you need to complete all 200 floors of PoTD without dying, it's one of the rarest and most prestigious titles in the game and it can test even the most skilled players.
Getting a boost will save you a lot of time not to mention frustration if you're after The Necromancer title. We'll take care of everything and you'll get to enjoy the spoils.


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