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As Final Fantasy XIV's latest and greatest expansion release looms overhead, set to drop on July 2nd, players the world over are already looking into the many hints, leaks and rumors surrounding all the new content Dawntrail might bring. And with the expansion being so close at hand, Square Enix has already released the patch notes for the big 7.0 update coming with Dawntrail. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect come Dawntrail's debut:

  • New Cities, Field Areas as well as corresponding City and Fiend Aetherytes
  • Tons of new Main Scenario, Side Story, Role and Job Quests
  • The addition of "Quest Sync", a new mechanic where Quest difficulty and rewards will scale to match player level
  • New Leves and FATEs, the latter of which award the Bicolor Gemstone currency
  • New Treasure Hunts and reward adjustments made to older maps
  • New Normal, Savage & potentially up to three new Ultimate Raids
  • New Extreme Trials
  • Level cap raised to 100
  • Grand and Fee Companies will now accept more items for supply and provisions missions, alongside lots of new areas, craftable items and symbol options
  • Ward classification changes for residential districts on certain worlds
  • Players can now eject unwanted guests from their estate, and prevent them from entering it through the "Estate Holder Rights System", which also brings other new options
  • Various UX improvements, changes and miscellaneous additions % fixes

Beyond this, Dawntrail is expected to include a massive graphical overhaul, two new Jobs - the Viper and Pictomancer, plenty of new raids and dungeons, loot, cosmetics and more. All in all, Dawntrail is set to be one of the biggest and most impactful expansions FFXIV has ever seen.

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What is some of the more high-end content coming in Dawntrail?

Apart from the notes mentioned above, Dawntrail is also set to bring up to three new Ultimate Raids, if Square Enix' word is to be believed, the first of which, titled Futures Rewritten, has already been confirmed. A new Savage and Normal Raid series titled 'The Arcadion' are also included, as well as new Extreme Trials.

The Level Cap is also getting increased to 100.

When is the Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion going to release?

Final Fantasy XIV's Dawntrail expansion is expected to release on July 2nd, 2024. Preorders are available as of June 28th.

What is coming in Dawntrail FFXIV?

Apart from the long-awaited graphical overhaul, Dawntrail is expected to bring in tons of new areas, quests, quality-of-life improvements, the Viper and Pictomancer jobs, plenty of raids and dungeons, and many more features related to Companies, Jobs, Leves and FATEs.

How will Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Boosts work at Blazing Boost?

Our Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Boosts will work in basically the same way as our other services. Depending on what sort of service you're looking for, and which completion method you choose, our booster will either trade you your requested items / currency, or hop on your account to complete your service.

What will I get if I preorder my Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Boosts?

Since Dawntrail has yet to release, purchasing a Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Boosts service will count as a preorder, which will automatically grant your order priority - it will be the first in line to be completed as soon as the servers are back up post Dawntrail's release.