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Requisitions and War Medals are the main currencies in Helldivers 2. There are three main ways of earning them. 

  1. Completing Missions
  2. Completing Daily and Major Orders
  3. Finding Additional Medal and Requisitions Slips during missions

Requisitions are used to purchase stratagems while War Medals are used to purchase items from the Warbonds.

Requisitions allow you to expand your stratagem arsenal which you use during missions. Stratagems are crucial to the gameplay and even with the high cooldowns they can make or break your missions. Requisitions also have a maximum capacity of 50000.

War Medals are crucial to progressions as that's the only way for players to unlock new weapons and some of the best armour kits in the game. Not only that, but Warbonds also have Boosters within them, which applies an extremely useful buff to yourself and your entire team!



How do you earn Requisitions?

The most common way of earning requisitions is to simply complete missions. The rate at which you earn requisitions will be determined by the difficulty of the missions you complete. For example, completing a mission on Helldive will apply a 250% bonus to your base requisition amount, nearly quadrupling the amount.

You can also find requisition slips scattered across the map in cargo containers, loot ships, and bunkers. They are one of the randomly spawned items in there alongside Super Credits, Rare Samples, War Medals, and Support Weapons.

In the past, there were also major orders which awarded players with Requisitions.

How do you earn War Medals?

The main way of earning War Medals is through completing full operations. Each successfully completed mission will grant you a certain amount of War Medals. The amount of War Medals awarded increases based on the amount of missions completed within the operation. Higher difficulties, also award more medals per mission completed in the operation. 

Like requisitions, you can also find War Medals in similar places, which are cargo containers, loot ships, and bunkers. They are one of the randomly spawned items that can spawn there. Other items include Super Credits, Rare Samples, War Medals and Support weapons. You may be awarded anywhere from 1 to 3 medals per pickup, this number is random and is not affected by difficulty.

Lastly, you can earn a good amount of War Medals by completing major orders and daily orders, as they almost always award you with 15 to 50 War Medals upon successful completion.