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Samples are some of the most sought after resources in Helldivers 2. They are the backbone of your ship as they allow you to expand your arsenal and make it even more devastating. Samples currently come in three flavors, Common, Rare and Super Rare. Common samples are available on any mission and any difficulty, you can find them right after starting out. Rare samples require you to advance to at least the challenging difficulty where you will start facing a lot more dangerous foes, while also spotting the new samples. Lastly Super Rare samples are extremely limited, and start spawning only after Suicide Mission and higher. Even then their quantity is limited to be from 3 to 6 depending on the difficulty selected.



Does it matter what mission type I do for samples?

Unfortunately, not all mission types are made equal in Helldivers 2. Some mission types only allow you 15 minutes to scout the whole area and grab as many samples as possible. They might have the same amount of samples available on the map as larger and lengthier missions, but the time limitation makes it extremely difficult to take advantage of the more condensed environment.

Additionally there are mission types which can only spawn Common Samples no matter what difficulty you're playing on. This mission type would be the Eradicate type mission, where you have to kill a certain amount of enemies to finish the mission. 

How do available samples get calculated per map?

Not all maps are created equal when it comes to sample richness. There are three main factors that affect the amount of samples that spawn per mission, these are:

  1. Mission Type
  2. Mission Difficulty
  3. Map Size

Firstly, to cover the mission types, eradicate type missions are limited to a fixed amount of sample spawns based on the map you get, it could be anywhere from 8 to 15 Common Samples. The difficulty and the map size wouldn't have an effect on it, however the general map layout will.

Secondly, the higher the difficulty of the mission the more samples and minor points of interest spawn. Additionally you get extra main and side objectives which also house common and rare samples.

Lastly one of the most important factors is map size. This could cause less samples appearing on Helldive difficulty when comparing it to Challening. Maps which have large bodies of water, or are partially or fully surrounded by a body of water get a lot less samples. This is caused due to the game having limited space to generate points of interest, thus limiting your potential farm.

Why are samples so important in Helldivers 2, and are there any limits to their carry capacity?

Samples allow you to upgrade your ship, which in turn grants you gameplay improvements. There are upgrades that grant orbital strikes to last longer and fire an additional salvo. There's also an upgrade that grants all of your Eagle stratagems an extra charge, which could be an absolute lifesaver in dire situations. All of those great upgrades require samples, and the only way to obtain samples is to go into missions, find them, and successfully extract with them after finishing the main objective. 

Most of the time you will be farming for Common and Rare Samples as they are required in extremely high quantity for the upgrades. Some of them require 80 of each! While the required amount of Super Samples stays relatively low. Usually it's either 5 or 10 Super Samples per upgrade. 

All samples have a carrying capacity, hence, you should always make sure to spend them in a timely manner. In total you can carry 500 Common Samples, 250 Rare Samples, and 100 Super Samples. Anything beyond that would no longer be accounted for by the game.