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About our Cheap & Safe RP services:


Being such a massive, multi-billion dollar enterprise of a game, League of Legends has sat its throne as the undisputed king of MOBAs for the last 10+ years, and the competition isn't even close. Dwarfing its contemporaties by a country mile each, League has amassed a reputation that, even if it does one day slip from its throne, will always be remembered for the sheer cultural impact it has on both the gaming industry, and the world at large.


But ask yourself, what is the true endgame of League? Is it following the competitive E-sports scene? Climbing the Ranked Ladder? Playing ARAMs with your friends? TFT? No. None of those. The true end-game of League, is fashion. That's right, fashion! Skins, borders, effects, emotes! What's the first thing you see when you hop into a loading screen? People's skins. When they walk up to the wave and start smacking minions, you know you've paused to look at the effects on that Immortalized Ahri, or watch your Lunar Eclipse Leona's dance animation, or your own Prestige Project Sylas' slick recall. We get it. You just gotta look right to feel right.


But looking right carries a hefty price. RP doesn't grow on trees, and Riot's prices are far from cheap. Thankfully, ours are!


Through our Cheap & Safe RP services, you can get get your hands on any skin currently available (and some unavailable ones) in the game, at some of the best prices on the market. Best of all, we're completely safe, as we don't do any direct RP trading. We don't even come close to doing anything that can put your account at risk, so you can rest assured that when you're dealing with us, you're doing so at absolutely zero risk to your account.


On that note, if you need any help setting your trade up, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Support Team on Live Chat through that little button on the bottom right corner of the page, and they'll be with you at a moment's notice.



How can you be sure that my account will be safe if I buy a Cheap & Safe RP service?

Here at BlazingBoost, we pride ourselves on offering nothing but the best in terms of customer satisfaction and safety. To that end, we're comitted to making sure your account is safe no matter what, which is why we absoultely do not engage in any risky behavior, which in this case, means direct RP trading. While most marketplaces will simply send your raw RP, this can be very risky and flag your account for suspicious behavior.

We, however, do no such thing! The way our Cheap & Safe RP services work is that, should you choose the "Custom RP Amount" service, you'll be able to purchase a certain amount of RP that our traders will then purchase your desired list of skins with, which will then be gifted over to you. After your order is bought, all you have to do is put in which skins you'd like in your order note, and they'll be sent over within 24 hours. This is done to evade Riot's prying eyes, thus ensuring you can enjoy your new look without the slightest fear of repercussion.

How do your Cheap & Safe RP services work?

They're actually pretty simple: our trader will add you as a friend, then wait 24 hours (since you have to wait at least a day before being able to send gifts to a new friend), after which they will gift you your purchased skin(s). Its as simple as that! And completely safe, as Riot doesn't really look at skin gifting as closely as it does RP, so your account is 99.999% safe when conducting these sorts of deals.

Which skins can I get through your Cheap & Safe RP trading work?

All of them! Or, well, most of them. We might not have a dozen Black Alistars or PAX Twisted Fates on tap, but we've got pretty much all other skins, available or otherwise, on sale, on all servers, around the clock!