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Whenever anyone mentions League, the words ‘Ranked’, ‘Rank’, ‘Elo’ or more often ‘Hardstuck’ almost always follow suit. Playing Ranked is the bread and butter of League’s community, with the seasonal scramble to the top spurring a storm in Summoners across the world, getting them to click that ‘Play Again’ button time after time, season after season. Though there are many ranks in League:

Only a precious few players ever reach the highest ones, like Master, Grandmaster and Challenger. Being an extremely competitive game, it's no wonder why so many people struggle to reach the ranks they desire. To that we say: no more!

No more will you languish in low LoL elo, no more will you clamor for that shiny Challenger banner and emote, and no more will the high ranks be just a distant dream! After all, who needs luck when you’ve got us at your side?

Through our LoL Boosting services, you’ll be able to reap those once faraway rewards without driving yourself to total burnout. Instead of wasting time trying in vain, why not give one of our services a try- be it division boosting, wins boosting or just plain old elo boosting, whatever you want, we’re here to provide!



Why should I buy a League of Legends boosting service?

Barring all others, the main reason why LoL boosting services are so popular is because climbing in League can be quite the hassle. This is half due to it's extremely competitive nature and half due to the trash teammates you’ll often be getting matched with thanks to Riot Games’ gruesome matchmaking system.

By buying one of our LoL boosting services you’ll be able to circumvent all the unpleasant parts of playing Ranked and get straight to the sweet stuff. As soon as you pick your poison, your booster starts playing, and you start winning. No more frustration, no more burnout, no more time wasted. What’s not to love?

What options are available for League of Legends Rank boost?

We offer two main types of League of Legends Rank Boost services: Duo Queue (Selfplay/Play with a pro) and Solo Queue (Piloted/Account-sharing) boosts.

There’s a bunch of other options too, such as Express, to finish your order faster, or the ability to pick which lane you and your pro play, just for that extra hint of customizability.

How safe are League of Legends Rank Boost services?

Here at BlazingBoost, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost in quality, safety and speed in all of our services. Each and every one of our boosters is thoroughly vetted before entering our roster, meaning you can rest assured that no cheats or other shady business will be going on during your time with us.

Barring that, boosting is generally a bit of a gray area for Riot. While they’ve spoken out against it before, very rarely does anyone ever get punished for hopping into ranked and carrying someone else up the ladder. Thus, Selfplay services are almost 100% safe, whereas Piloted ones carry an element of risk ubiquitous among all account sharing services for pretty much every game out there. Rest assured that our pros use every precaution possible to ensure your account’s safety, such as coordinating login times, always appearing offline and using a mandatory VPN when connecting.

How safe is League of Legends Rank boost?

At BlazingBoost we pride ourselves on providing services that are cheat and hack-free. Our pros sign a contract and are rigorously tested before being admitted to our roster. This guarantees a good atmosphere, high-intensity gameplay, and achieving your desired rank in a comfortable series of matches to fit your schedule.

If you wish to purchase an account sharing service instead, there will always be a small risk, as account sharing is generally not accepted by game companies. However, we will use a VPN to minimize the risk as much as possible in any circumstance.

By ordering a League of Legends Ranked boost with Blazing, we will make sure every step of the journey is organized and hassle-free, and you will always know what comes next.

Is my Rank guaranteed? What if I can't achieve it during the current season?

Absolutely. If you buy our boosting service, getting the rank you chose is a 100% guarantee. If by some twist of luck you end up losing a game or two, the booster will always play that many more games to make up for any losses they incur.

What payment methods can I use?

We offer payments through all contemporary credit cards, alongside Paypal, Advcash, Skrill or wire transfers. If you need any further help understanding our payment methods, feel free to reach out to us on LiveChat!