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Being the staggeringly popular game that it is, League of Legends is the absolute apex when it comes to complex, competitive, skill-based MOBA gameplay. Though for better or worse, this means there’s an even bigger chance to get bogged down by the bad bits.

You know what I’m talking about. A big player base means even bigger competition, and more often than not, that competition isn’t coming from the enemy team. Between trash on your own team, smurfs on the enemy’s and a Grand Canyon gap in botlane, it's no wonder why people get hardstuck so often.

No more! With our help, you’ll be climbing out of that low elo ditch faster than you can blink! And through our LoL Wins services, you’ll be able to do it quicker than ever.

Pick your poison: Get yourself some League of Legends Wins in either Solo or Duo.




Is boosting in LoL allowed?

Yes and no. Duo boosts and carries are 100% safe, but account sharing does carry a hint of risk. Though the punishment is rarely severe, usually resulting in a 2 week account suspension and exclusion from the Ranked Rewards for the season, you can still get penalized for sharing your account. No worries though, our boosters make double sure that your account is as safe as possible by always using a VPN, coordinating their logins with you and appearing offline throughout the entire service.

How does League of Legends wins boosting work?

Depending on if you pick Solo or Duo mode, you’ll either be playing with your booster, or have the booster log into your account to complete the service. Either way you go, you’ll be put into direct communication with your booster through either a Selfplay or Piloted convo, where you’ll be able to schedule your booster’s login, or your playtime.

What happens if the booster loses a game?

No need to worry, you’ll be fully compensated for every lost game during your service! For instance, if you buy five LoL wins but lose two, you’ll get 2 extra games to make up for them, meaning you’ll end up with 7 wins and 2 losses by the end of it.

Does my MMR and LP gain matter for this service?

Our League of Legends Wins services do not take your current MMR or LP gain into account. You’ll get however many wins you want, though the LP you gain from said games depends on your account’s MMR. If you’re looking to reach a certain rank, you should check out our Ranked Boosting services instead!