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About our League of Legends Coaching services:


They say if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Coaching is no different: Instead of ranking your account up by hand, our coaches are here to give you much more than just a bit of LP or a shiny new banner. They’re here to teach you how to get those things yourself.


We offer you a unique opportunity to play alongside some of the very best players in every single server, to have them pick apart your gameplay to it's barest essentials, and teach you to build it back up better than ever. VoD reviews will help you hone in on every strength and correct any weaknesses in your gameplay, from checking wards, to CS, to jungle pathing, our Coaches will cover every. Single. Detail.


And if you’re itching to reach the very top of League of Legends’ Ranked Ladder, our Training Courses are here to take you through every step of becoming the best player you can be. So stop mindlessly grinding your life away against a hardstuck wall- break right through it! We offer nothing but the best: consistency, safety, quality. 


Should you need help setting your service up, our 24/7 Support Team is here to help - you can reach them through the little LiveChat button on the bottom right hand corner of the page.



What is a League of Legends Coaching service?

Coaching in League works much the same way it does in any other competitive game: it is a one-on-one learning experience where a high ranked pro player will help you improve by analyzing your gameplay, teaching you tips, tricks, and all the skills you’ll need to reach your desired rank. All of our LoL Coaching services are specially crafted to pair you up with a pro that fits your needs, all with the intent of delivering an unforgettable, long-lasting learning experience. We don’t want you to stay stuck. We want you to succeed.

Is League of Legends Coaching allowed?

Absolutely! Our LoL Coaching services are mostly done through VoD or Live Gameplay analyses, and the bits that do involve gameplay are done purely through Selfplay. No account sharing, no risk! No one has ever been banned for simply playing with another player after all.

How does League of Legends Coaching work?

That depends on which module you choose. In general, all coaching services involve either a Live Gameplay Review, where the coach analyzes and provides feedback on your game in real time or VoD reviews, where the two of you will do an in-depth analysis of a recorded game. Our Training Plans are a more prolonged version of individual coaching services, where your coach will follow you for a longer period, through multiple games. This way, they’ll be able to give you the most in-depth feedback and best routes for improvement!

What happens if the booster loses a game?

No need to worry, you’ll be fully compensated for every lost game during your service! For instance, if you buy five LoL wins but lose two, you’ll get 2 extra games to make up for them, meaning you’ll end up with 7 wins and 2 losses by the end of it.

Does my MMR and current Rank matter for LoL Coaching services?

More your rank than your MMR. Our League of Legends Coaching services are here to provide you with nothing but the best in regards to gamesense improvement, learning strategic thinking, as well as gameplay on a micro and macro scale. However, for the best experience, our coaches will need to be aware of your current rank, so that they may provide the appropriate experience for a player of said rank. A Diamond player won’t need the same sort of coaching that a Gold player might, nor would a Bronze, Silver or Plat player.