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For as long as League’s ladder's been a festering cesspool of scum and villainy, so too has it had a shining light at the very bottom of it's rungs: Placement Matches. The fabled few who manage to 10-0 their Placements are said to be propelled up through the torturous slog of low-elo Ranked and into the mythical realms of somewhat enjoyable gameplay, where people have more than two-digit IQ, and inting isn’t as common. Still as toxic as any other elo though, it is what it is.

Alas, nothing less than perfect gameplay and more than a little pinch of luck is necessary to properly play through one’s placements, and more often than not, one of the two is lacking. As Placements don’t negatively impact your LP with their loss, and play host to victories which can grant dozens, if not hundreds of LP with each win, the need to do good during these few preliminary games is of absolute importance come the start of the new season.

Since winning your placements can be pretty tricky, you might want to consider getting a helping hand in making sure you make the most of them. Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Through our League of Legends Placements boosting, you can ensure that your placements don’t go to waste, and that you start your season off with a bang! Should you need help setting up your service, our 24/7 Support Team is at your beck and call - simply click that little LiveChat button in the bottom right corner, and we'll be right with yoU!



Can I order a Placements Boost before the next season or split?

Of course! Your order will be kept on hold until the time comes to tackle your placements again, at which point one of our boosters will either hop on your account, or duo with you to ensure a pleasant placement.

Are LoL Placements Boosts safe?

Of course, so long as you go for the Selfplay option, of course. All Selfplay services are 100% safe, while those that go through Piloting carry a small hint of risk, though that is usually mitigated through our many safety precautions, such as always appearing offline, coordinating logins and using a mandatory VPN.

What happens if the booster loses a game?

No need to worry, you’ll be fully compensated for every lost game during your service! If you do end up losing one of your placement matches, depending on your win rate thus far, you will always be eligible to claim at least one more ranked win as a compensation.

Does my MMR and current Rank matter for LoL Placement Boosting services?

Not at all! While your prior rank and MMR will determine where you actually get placed, this service is about making sure those placements are wins, not getting you to any specific rank. That depends entirely on your account’s past MMR and rank, so we can’t guarantee any rank throughout this service, just that you’ll be winning your placements, wherever they may land you.