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Apart from its fiercely competitive Ranked ladder, its awesome pro scene or even its vast array of playable champions, League of Legends, beyond all else, is a game about fashion. That’s right, fashion. And that can mean many things: reaching your desired Rank, doing flashy plays, getting massive levels, the list goes on. But of all those things, two stand out: Skins and Mastery. What do you check whenever you hop into the loading screen or sneak a peek at someone’s profile? That’s right, what skin they’ve got, and how high their LoL Mastery score is. There’s a big difference between a 4 million point Omega Squad Teemo and someone with 2k points, tier 1 mastery. You’ve got to look right to feel right, after all.


So get yourself some LoL Mastery points on as many champions as you want! Maybe you’ve got a fresh account and want to show off your skills on several champions, or get that snazzy level 7 badge on your new main without having to farm for it, or maybe you’re itching for a few million points to let everyone know you mean business? Whatever it is, whenever you want it, we’re ready to get it done.


And should you need some help setting up your order, our 24/7 Support Team is here to help - simply click that little LiveChat button at the bottom right hand corner of the page, or reach out to us on Discord, and we’ll be with you at a moment’s notice!



What is League of Legends Champion Mastery boosting?

In League, the more you play a specific champion, the more Mastery Points you get, and the more points you have, the higher your Mastery Rank, ranging from Tier 1 to 7. While there are no more tiers after 7, you can still get infinite points. Since one of the main things people look at when they’re checking out their friends and enemies in a pre-game lobby is Champion Mastery, this can significantly impact the way others view you in that pregame. If you have a ton of points, for instance, you can pretty easily get in peoples’ heads and make them think you’re some godlike one-trick. And if you get in your opponent’s head, you’re already halfway to winning the game.


But, farming LoL Mastery can be very tedious and boring, since you only get a few hundred points per win, and even less if you lose, not to mention grinding it out on several champions. That’s why we’re here to do the boring bit for you, to get you that mastery so you can reap it's rewards without having to waste your time grinding for hours!

How does League of Legends’ Mastery System work

The Mastery System is pretty simple: you play, you get points; the more points you get, the higher your overall Mastery for that champ. The system itself is divided into 7 mastery grades, with 1 being the lowest, and 7 the highest. You can stack infinite points past tier 7, but that’s the highest Mastery badge that you can earn.

How does LoL Mastery boosting work?

Our League of Legends Mastery boosting services are designed to be pretty straightforward: simply pick your current Mastery Rank and or Points, and how many you’d like to get. After your purchase is completed, we’ll match you with a booster who will then log into your account and farm out the desired amount of points, or the Mastery Tier you requested. You’ll also be getting all the stuff they farm up along the way, including XP & Levels, Hextech Chests, Champion Capsules, and more!

Is LoL Mastery boosting safe?

For the most part, yes. Though there are some risks to sharing your account, rest assured that your booster will do everything in their power to maximize your safety, such as using a mandatory VPN, appearing offline and never typing anything in chat or interacting with anyone on your friends list. Besides, since these services are usually done in Normal games, there’s even less risk.

Why would I want to get a Champion Mastery boost?

Champion Mastery is more than a mere number on your profile: it is a badge of merit that shows your dedication and skill with the champion(s) you enjoy, and can actually have a real impact on your gameplay, or rather, that of the people you play with. People will automatically assume things about you when they see a certain mastery point amount, be it low or high, with low points usually having them think you’re new to that champ and likely don’t know how to play it all that well, whereas high points can sometimes knock your enemies off their game by making them think you’re some godlike OTP. A Teemo with 3 million points is liable to make anyone play cautiously and mess with their gameplay, after all!

How can I get League of Legends Mastery Boosting in Selfplay?

By default, this service is completed through Account Sharing. This means that you’ll be required to provide your login information, which one of our professional boosters will then use to log into your account and complete your order. Should you want this service completed in Selfplay, contact us over on Discord or LiveChat so we can arrange a Custom Service for you.