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About our LoL Account Leveling services:


So you’ve got a new account, and you wanna play some ranked. What’s the first thing you do? Grind normals or aram to get it to 30. Then, you call a few too many people gamer words, and poof, you’re back to square one. We’ve all been there.

Hell, maybe you’ve always wanted to reach that big 500 but couldn’t be bothered with the insane grind up. Understandable.

Leveling in League can be quite the hassle. Even with Leveling Boosts and x2 XP weekends, it’s a grind and half to get to some of the bigger numbers. So why bother with that, when you can have us do it for you?

Our LoL Account Leveling services are here to provide you with nothing but the best in terms of speed, safety and customer satisfaction. One to thirty? Done before you know it. Up to a hundred? No biggie. Maybe another hundred? Or two? Or three? Or five? Ask, and you shall receive!

Just pick your current and desired level, and we’ll take care of the rest!



What does leveling up in League of Legends do?

Each Level you gain grants you a variety of rewards, ranging from Champion Capsules, Blue Essence, Gemstones, Emotes and more!

Certain cutoffs, like Level 30, give unique rewards. For instance, at Level 30 you unlock Ranked Mode, whereas at Level 300, you’d get a special banner, emote, a Glorious Champion Capsule and 10 Gemstones.

How do I level up my League of Legends account?

Pretty much everything you do in League grants you XP, but by far the fastest way to level up is by playing ARAM and Co-Op vs A.I. matches with an XP boost. Since your XP gain is determined by the length of the game and whether or not you win, the best way to farm XP is by playing simple games where you can easily win, hence Co-op or ARAM. However, spamming either one can get very stale very fast. Don’t let yourself burn out grinding ARAMs - let us grind it instead!

Is purchasing your LoL Account Leveling services safe?

Absolutely! Your pro will login to your account and spam ARAM or Normal games, that’s it! Of course, they’ll be mindful to use a VPN and appear offline, though even then, there’s no need to worry, Riot hardly ever checks Normals or ARAM for suspected account sharing!