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Why should I buy an Abyss Raid Argos boost in Lost Ark from Blazingboost?

We’ve been in the boosting business for over a decade now. We are fully aware how frustrating it is to attempt to do anything through LFG and matchmaking systems, groups can fall apart after even one wipe, the chain reaction starts with complaining and whining which usually leads to the group disbanding.


Nowadays, people have less time, and they are looking not to waste it. Why spend time on gearing up, doing the same thing every week with players that are not too interested in having fun or not skilled enough to help you. Our goal is to always offer the most experienced, friendly and organized teams which will blast through the Argos Raid with a breeze.

- you can always expect a precise estimated time of delivery
- the best possible prices for all services that we currently offer
- live chat & discord support at your disposal - that will help you with any questions about your orders (available 24/7)

Why should I get an Abyss Raid Argus Boost in Lost Ark?

Freshly introduced in the latest patch, Argos raid is certainly a step-up in difficulty from Guardian Raids and Abyss dungeons. As a result, this raid is generally meant for only the most skilled Lost Ark players. This raid is only the beginning of what we can expect going forward in Lost Ark, and it can be surprisingly tough even for those who find high-end Abyss Dungeons a breeze. The Argos abyss raid has similarities with Guardian raids, however there are some key differences. This raid requires an 8-man party to enter, and as such it will be a lot more challenging compared to its Guardian counterpart.

Is this service safe?

We are happy to say that so far, we've had zero problems in Lost Ark. This only shows and proves that: 
- our approach to account safety works very well
- there isn't a lot of attention on account sharing services right now across the board
- big gaming companies have their main focus elsewhere

Although, we cannot guarantee 100% bulletproof safety, we will always inform you about any potential risks as per our Transparency policy, safety of your account is our utmost priority. However, account sharing services ultimately always brings a certain degree of risk (a potential warning or even suspension, for example, in case you attract a lot of attention or exaggerate with the account sharing activity). VPNs and a low profile will always help and be crucial for your safety!

What happens after purchasing?

Once you order an Argos abyss raid boost, you will have to join our “Contact Only” Discord server. The invitation to join it is available after the purchase! This will allow you to message our Discord support account, “BlazingBoost Lost Ark#6252” even without a friend request. This allows us to chat with you which is essential to organize the service successfully and to avoid any potential hick-ups.
At that point, we will start looking for a booster immediately, and notify you when someone is ready to start. We will proceed with the service if you are okay with everything. To start, our booster will be using a VPN according to your choice. VPNs are used to enhance the overall safety as account sharing services carry inherent risks, and we always advise it.