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Why should I buy Tower Boosts in Lost Ark?

There are several reasons to visit the towers in Lost Ark. Primarily they are a source of engraving books, stat boosting potions and even skill potions if you get far enough. Shadespire offers over a dozen Tier 1 engraving books to enhance your character, five potions to increase your stats, two of which grant skill points, and various collectibles.
Likewise, Fatespire is an excellent source of Tier 2 Engraving books and upgrade materials. Fatespire Tower also includes five potions, two of which give skill points, and the 13th Giant's Heart collectible. Keep in mind that both towers (Shadespire and Fatespire) are not a walk in the park, and some floors can be quite challenging for the majority of the player base. With each passing floor difficulty increases gradually and Battle Items like healing potions, panacea potions and scarecrows are highly recommended to have.
Towers are also one of the best catch up systems for your alts, they will provide you with a large amount of Tier 1 (Shadespire) and Tier 2 (Fatespire) honing materials. This will greatly speed up the process of going through those tiers on your alts.

Why should I buy Lost Ark Tower boosts from Blazingboost?

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What makes the Towers in Lost Ark difficult?

Towers in Lost Ark are an end game activity, which means that you cannot access them until you reach level 50. Higher floors inside of the Tower will have higher item level requirements in order to enter them and deal with the mechanics inside successfully. This type of content can be only be accessed solo, difficulty is increased gradually from floor to floor.
The challenges are ever changing and each floor has a time limit in which you have to overcome them. Some floors contain a single boss or multiple mini-bosses, others will contain waves of dozens of mobs which you have to defeat and on some you will have to avoid traps and exploding mobs and survive until they stop spawning.

Is my account safe, should I be worried?

We are happy to say that thus far we didn't have any problems with account sharing services in Lost Ark. This proves that our security measure work as intended and without any problems. There seems to be little attention and focus on said activities currently.
However there's no bulletproof safety method, and we will always inform you of any risks that we're aware of as per our Transparency policy. Account sharing services always include a certain degree of risk by default and that's why whenever available we will always recommend our Selfplay services.