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What are the Mokoko Seeds Rewards, Are they Important, What will I get?

Mokoko Seeds are a type of collectibles in the Lost Ark. They're usually very well hidden and as such hard to find. Lost Ark has more than 1200 Mokoko Seeds scattered across the continents/regions/islands and even dungeons. However acquiring them brings a lot benefits to the table and helps with overall character progression and power and because of that, it is crucial to obtain them. Namely some of the rewards are (in Chronological Order):

- 50   Mokoko Seeds : Totoma Card
- 100 Mokoko Seeds : Kindness Potion 
- 150 Mokoko Seeds : Stronghold Crew Application : Chicachica
- 200 Mokoko Seeds : Vitality Increase Potion 
- 250 Mokoko Seeds : Crew Application Form : Cocorico
- 300 Mokoko Seeds : Stats Increase Potion 
- 350 Mokoko Seeds : Mokamoka Epic Card 
- 400 Mokoko Seeds : Paradise Knight License
- 450 Mokoko Seeds : Eurus Blueprint 
- 500 Mokoko Seeds : StrongHold Crew Application : Mukomuko 
- 550 Mokoko Seeds : Shy Wind Flower Potion (Legendary Rapport)
- 600 Mokoko Seeds : 20 Eurus Blueprint 
- 650 Mokoko Seeds : Crew Application Form : Poipoi
- 700 Mokoko Seeds : Title : Mokoko Hunter
- 750 Mokoko Seeds : Structure : Mokoko Seed Monument (Legendary)
- 800 Mokoko Seeds : Transform : Egg of creation 
- 850 Mokoko Seeds : Stronghold Crew Application Form : Kind Paruru
- 900 Mokoko Seeds : Background : Moki Toki 
- 950 Mokoko Seeds : Masterpiece #32
- 1000 Mokoko Seeds : Ship Model : Blooming Caramel
- 1050 Mokoko Seeds : Crew Application From : Namari
- 1100 Mokoko Seeds : Title: 'Nice Smelling'
- 1150 Mokoko Seeds : Masterpiece #44
- 1200 Mokoko Seeds : Mokoko Charm appearance
- 1250 Mokoko Seeds : Wierd Mokoko Emoji Pack (in game emoticons)

Why would I Buy Mokoko Seeds Boost from Blazingboost?

First and most important argument why would you purchase this service in the first place is to preserve your time.
Mokoko seeds are usually hard to find and they are hiddien in the most unusual and uncommon places, you can occasionally bump in the one where you least expect it.
With this service you'll skip the boring grind and our boosters will search for Mokoko seeds instead of you.
Mokoko Seeds are valuable Lost Ark collectible and in game asset, and they bring wide array of many different quality of life rewards to the table.

What does 'ETA' mean?

Eta is short for 'Estimated Time' of delivery. It is calculated very carefully according to previous orders' data, past game experiences, and personal tests on these orders. This ensures that our predictions are as on point as possible! We do not want to lie to you and we try to give you a realistic estimate of how long a service will take. ETAs for Lost Ark services can vary as they depend on the type of order & extra option you may choose. Here at BlazingBoost you will always get precise delivery times and in case of any issues, we will work with you to resolve them as quickly as possible. If necessary, we will compensate with discounts, refunds, or alike to ensure you have a good experience with our service.