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Why should I buy a boost for Islands in Lost Ark?

Essentially, Islands are one of the best sources for honing materials and engravings. This is crucial for speeding up your progress through the Tier 1 and Tier 2 content (getting all the honing materials from islands can shave off a couple of days from your Tier progression and help you reach Tier 3 a lot faster).
Some Islands require players to go through lengthy quest lines in order to obtain said rewards. Which can quickly add up and become time-consuming (imagine visiting 20 islands with a storyline that lasts for 1-2 hours). Another key reason you'll want to explore Islands is to obtain Island Tokens; they are super important for the endgame because they will grant you:
- a Greater Stat Increase Potion
- Emotes
- a compass that increases your ship's travelling speed and your character's movement speed on the Islands
- a Greater Skill Point Potion that grants you 6 skill points
- Masterpieces
- Secret Maps and so on

As you can see the list of rewards is quite extensive with vast diversity among rewards from quality of life items to items that boost your character's power. That's why this service comes in handy, it will allow you to save time and focus on other important aspects, while our boosters completes the nasty grind.

Why should I get an Islands Boost from Blazingboost?

Our experience is key here, we've honed and increased our quality throughout the years with our boosting services. The main principle that we as a company have is to provide you with the best customer experience possible. Our prices are among the best on the market for a wide variety of our offers, and we always focus on making them as affordable as possible while preserving the high service quality.
We also have a strong emphasis on customer support, our team is available to help you 24/7, with all the question and doubts you may have. Lastly everything mentioned here is reflected on our Trustpilot page with more than 22000 positive reviews, you're welcome to check it out, so you can shop with a peace in mind.

When will my service start? How does the ETA work?

After receiving your order, we'll do our best to start it as soon as possible, we have a lot of boosters available, so it usually doesn't take long to get a service going. We always try to ensure that the order is delivered in a given ETA, and we constantly monitor all active services ensuring that everything goes smoothly until the service is delivered, this is something we strive to maintain every day. Lastly you can always find more specific details inside the specific services after clicking on the Buy Now button, including explanations on the exact ETA and detailed refund rules.