Vykas Inferno Deathless Piloted in Lost Ark
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Our boosters will clear Vykas & Valtan additionally for you you. (1460 item level requirement)

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 1-4 Weeks

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Vykas Inferno is the final "Hellmode" difficulty of the Vykas Legion Raids and you need to be at least 1460 item level to enter it. It has 3 gates(phases) and they don't have an entry limit. If you complete this Legion Raid Deathless (without any deaths) you will be rewarded with the Prestigious title "Addicted to Delight" and a Strongold statue of Vykas herself.

Requirements / Rules

- Account Sharing

- Level 50 Character

- Legion Raid unlocked (1460 item level)


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