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If you're looking to get a higher percentage completion than the one available on the service bar, you can make a request for it on our Service Request page.

Yudia Adventurer Tome provides players with substantial amount of quality of life rewards, they are beneficial for overall progress of your character, namely you can receive the following rewards listed below:

  • 10% Completion - 10x Phoenix Plumes
  • 20% Completion - 20x Major HP Potion
  • 30% Completion - Salt Giant Card
  • 40% Completion - Wisdom Potion
  • 50% Completion - Song of Temptation
  • 60% Completion - Sky Reflection Oil (Legendary Rapport)
  • 70% Completion - Stat Increase Potion
  • 80% Completion - Encavian Crown (Relic Rapport)