Final Fantasy XIV Gil Service in Final Fantasy XIV

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Buy FFXIV Gil in any amount and region - NA, EU, JP, and OCE. Just choose your region, realm, in the post-purchase, and amount of Gils and simply wait for the delivery! 

Currencies are a very important part of the game in every MMO, and FFXIV is not an exception. FF14 Gil is used for almost everything - repairing your gear, using teleports, buying gear and consumables from the auction. All of those activities will require tons of Gil on your character. Of course, you may farm Gil yourself, but like every other MMO, it is one of the most boring parts of the game, which may take quite a lot of time. BlazingBoost has tons of Gil for sale on different servers to protect you from monotonous farming. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our Live Chat!

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There is no specific requirements regarding this service.