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The Futures Rewritten in Final Fantasy XIV
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2-3 days (Flexible) Estimated Completion Time

The Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost

The Futures Rewritten is the first new Ultimate Raid coming with FFXIV's latest expansion, Dawntrail. Pre-order your boost to get it done as soon as it releases.


Ultimate raids are the hardest content available in Final Fantasy XIV. They drop the most exquisite weapon glamour in the game, and upon completion, they award unique titles. One of our most elite teams will carry your character through the latest Ultimate raid scheduled to release in the Dawntrail expansion patch 7.11 - The Futures Rewritten Ultimate, commonly referred to as (TFR) and get you the Ultimate Totem and Unique Title.


  • The Futures Rewritten - Ultimate raid completion
  • Unique (REDACTED) Title
  • Achievement unlocked
  • Rewritten Totem, which you can trade for one of the Ultimate Rewritten Weapons 
  • Adventurer Plate Customization


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24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

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Reliable and Fast

Reliable and Fast

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Ultimate Raids

Ultimate Raids

These are one of the hardest to complete activities in the game, save time and let our trained pros carry you to victory!

Requirements & Rules

  1. Level 100 in any Disciple of War or Magic Jobs 
  2. The Future Rewritten unlocked


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About our The Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost services:


With the up and coming release of Dawntrail, FFXIV's most expansive expansion to date, an absoulte tidal wave of content is expected to release beside it. Among the deluge of changes coming with Dawntrail, including a newly raised Level Cap of 100, plenty of quality-of-life, balancing and new content additions, Square Enix has hinted that up to three new Ultimate Raids might release during the expansion's life cycle.


The first of those three, titled 'Futures Rewritten', has already been announced. Eventhough we've yet to find out what exactly the raid will entail, current rumors are hinting that it will likely be based, or heavily related, to the Eden raid from Shadowbringers. Since the name of the raid, 'Futures Rewritten', is based off of the quest of the same name released during patch 5.4, and its promotional material features Ryne and Gaia, characters integral to both the quest and Eden raid, there is a very high likelyhood that the Futures Rewritten will contain bosses, lore or references related to this past content. As has always been the case with Ultimate Raid releases, players are already mustering to clear it out as soon as it becomes available in 7.1.


And through our the Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost, you too can be among the first to run the Futures Rewritten, as soon as Day One, in fact! Our main booster teams are already preparing to complete early carries, so if you want your Futures Rewritten clear completed as soon as possible, you might want to consider getting a pre-order, which will become available as early as June 28th.


If you have any other questions or would like a helping hand in setting your pre-order up, feel free to contact our 24/7 support team through the little Live Chat button on the bottom right corner of the page.


What is Futures Rewritten?

'Futures Rewritten' is the new Ultimate Raid set to release during Dawntrail's first major patch - 7.1. It is also the name of a 5.4 quest featuring the characters Ryne and Gaia, both of which play a prominent role in the Eden raid and are present in the promotional art for Futures Rewritten (Ultimate). This makes it very likely that the new raid will contain story beats, characters and bosses related to Eden, Ryne and Gaia.

When will Futures Rewritten release?

The exact release date for Futures Rewritten is not yet known. What we do know is that it is supposed to come out during Dawnbringer's first large patch, 7.1, which will be after its Extreme Trials and new Savage & Normal Raid track "the Arcadium". We expect that Futures Rewritten will most likely release within a few months following Dawntrail's debut on July 2nd.

How will The Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost services work at Blazing Boost?

Our the Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost services will most likely work the same way as the rest of our Ultimate Raid services, meaning that after you customize & purchase your order, one of our boosters will log into your account and run the raid alongside their elite team, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your raid clear.

Can I pre order a The Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost?

Of course! Pre orders are open as early as June 28th. If you do decide to preorder a The Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost, your order will automatically be given Priority, meaning it will be among the first to be completed as soon as the raid becomes available.