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How do you buy a WoW TCG Mount today?

TCG Cards are now unavailable in retail shops. Therefore, you can only buy them online from people who have saved the cards in the last years. They have a relatively high cost and are very rare! 

Why should I buy a TCG item?

The reason is quite simple: if you are a collectionist, you cannot let these mounts go. They are the most rare and sought after as there usually are very few of them in the world that can still be traded and earned. 

How does it work if I buy a TCG mount from Blazingboost?

We will always deliver you the mount in game, trading it to your character. 
In order to be sure that we have one in stock, contact us to confirm the purchase. The trade will usually happen in the following 24 hours.

What do I need to do?

After your purchase, we will ask you to create a level 110 Trial Character on the realm where we have the mount. Moreover, we will probably ask you to send us an email to confirm your purchase. This is a procedure we follow to protect ourselves from frauds. 

Is buying a WoW TCG Mount safe? Do I risk anything?

No. TCG Mounts are linked to real-money transactions by default and we have not experienced any issue for the past years. Trading you one of these mounts does not break any specific rules. Do not worry!