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Nightfall weapons are based on the weekly rotation, so you’ll see on this page which weapons we are currently offering a farming service on. It depends on the weekly rotation, as well as  what is farmable in the current season (Season of Plunder).

These Nightfall Strikes are much more challenging than their 'normal' counterparts, especially on Legend, Master and Grandmaster difficulties. This is where we step in, so that you can save time and let our professional players do the work. These services are available both in Sherpa (101% safe) where you get to play with one of our pros, as well as in Recovery (account sharing). Book your Nightfall Weapon Farming Boost today!



What are Nightfall Weapons?

Nightfall unique Weapons were introduced by Bungie in Destiny 2 within the Beyond Light Expansion as rewards on Nightfall Strikes completion up to Master Level.


The current available Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2 are (Season of Plunder):

  • Mindbender’s Ambition – Aggressive Shotgun
  • The Militia’s Birthright – Lightweight Grenade Launcher
  • D.F.A. – Adaptive Hand Cannon
  • Horror’s Least – Rapid-fire Pulse Rifle
  • Silicon Neuroma – Aggressive Sniper Rifle
  • Duty Bound – Adaptive Auto Rifle

Why should I buy a Nightfall Weapons Farming Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Players will have some of the best legendary weapons in the game for PvP and a for PvE.
  • Players will be able to get all the Legend or Master Level Nightfall Rewards, included Ascendant Shards and Exotic Gear.
  • Players will unlock various triumphs connected to Legend or Master Level Nightfalls.

How to get Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2?

Players must complete Legend or Master Level Nightfalls: Nightfall unique Weapons could be obtained as a Reward on completion.

Which are the requirements in order to be able to get Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Players must own the corresponding DLC.
  • Players must own the Current Season.
  • Players must have 1570+ Power Level for Legend Nightfall Strikes and 1580+ for their Master counterparts.

Why is it difficult to get the Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Legend and Master Nightfalls are some of the toughest activities in the game.
  • Nightfall Weapons are legendary weapons, meaning that they will come with random perks when players get them: they could have to run Legend or Master Nightfall activities multiple times to get the desired roll.