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What are Nightfall Weapons?

Nightfall’s unique Legendary Weapons were introduced by Bungie in Destiny 2 game within the Beyond Light Expansion as rewards on Nightfall Strikes completion up to Master Level. 2 of these weapons are available on Nightfall Strikes completion as a Reward each week. The current available Adept Weapons in Destiny 2 are:

  • Palindrome
  • Duty Bound
  • The Swarm
  • Hung Jury
  • Silicon Neuroma
  • Plug One
  • The Comedian
  • Hothead

Why should I buy a Nightfall Weapons Farming Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Players will have some of the best legendary weapons in the game for PvP and a for PvE.
  • Players will be able to get all the Legend or Master Level Nightfall Rewards, included Ascendant Shards and Exotic Gear.
  • Players will unlock various triumphs connected to Legend or Master Level Nightfalls.

How to get Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2?

Players must complete Legend or Master Level Nightfalls: Nightfall unique Weapons could be obtained as a Reward on completion.

Which are the requirements in order to be able to get Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Players must own Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.
  • Players must own the Current Season.
  • Players must have 1550+ Power Level.

Why is it difficult to get the Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Legend and Master Nightfalls are some of the toughest activities in the game.
  • Nightfall Weapons are legendary weapons, meaning that they will come with random perks when players get them: they could have to run Legend or Master Nightfall activities multiple times to get the desired roll.