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Our goal is to service you with a quick, fast, and easy Sherpa run with our pros! With hundreds of completed Flawless Trials per weekend, we provide a high quality and cheat-free roster that will let you save tons of time, with zero ban risks. 

Our Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Flawless carry runs in Sherpa always allow you to reach the Lighthouse on your own, enjoying your weekly Adept Pinnacle weapon in rotation, earned with your own hands. This is why Trials of Osiris carry services in Sherpas are great: you get there playing legitimately, learning and having fun on the way thanks to our pros. 


In order for you to never risk a ban or penalty on your account, we strongly recommend Sherpa services in Destiny 2, as account sharing is not necessary. You will play with our pros and earn your rewards with zero worries, literally. That's why no matter the activity you may need help with in Destiny, our website always suggests you the Sherpa version for that service.  


It is unfortunately known that cheats and hacks are plaguing the gaming industry. We are extremely happy to see Bungie fighting hacking softwares every single day, and we fully support them on this cause.

We also contribute by reporting and banning any cheater we come across, especially the ones who try to join our roster as boosters. We have absolutely no tolerance for such players, and we ensure that all of our pros are regularly tested and screened. They even have to record their gameplay for us on most orders, so we can be absolutely sure of their legitimacy.

In fact, Sherpa services allow you to see our pro players' performance with your own eyes. Your fireteam will have no shady K/D ratios or alike, hence why you can shop any of our Trials of Osiris boost services with a peace of mind. 




What are the full rewards available from Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2?

There's many! Firstly, there's a weekly weapon in rotation that will change every week. As an example, The Summoner, Igneous Hammer, The Messenger, Catraphract GL3, Incisor, Eye of Sol, Unexpected Resurgence, all available in adept forms! You can also still get some of the all-time favourites of the PvP community and they are a must have for your loadout, such as the Immortal and Exalted Truth as their non-adept versions.

If you go flawless for the first of any week, you'll also be able to get the exclusive Trials memento to give your crafted weapons that prestigious golden look.

Lastly, Trials Osiris Armor Sets are extremely desired by Destiny players. There a currently a total of 3 different sets available for each class, including the fan favorite classic sets. That's why a Flawless Trials Carry is a must-have if you are busy or simply do not have a stable fireteam to play with. 

What is a Trials Sherpa Carry exactly? What does it mean to 'Go Flawless'?

A Trials Sherpa Carry is referring to Trials of Osiris, the weekly activity enabled from Fridays to Tuesday in Destiny 2.

Trials are a PvP activity where you will compete against enemy fireteams in a 3v3 setting. Earning enough subsequent wins (7 in a row) means going 'Flawless', which grants you access to the Lighthouse, an exclusive location where you can open a chest and get your Adept weapon in rotation that weekend. It is also possible to go Flawless in different ways, according to the Passage your Guardian wants to use. With the Mercy passage, for example, you will be forgiven up to two losses. 

With our Trials carries in Sherpa, you will play with one or two pros (according to the options you select) and get all the necessary wins for you to get your weapon reward. We obviously encourage you to participate and do your best!

Our pros can guarantee you the result, but we are happy to see you join the fight and contribute to your team's success. 

Why should I buy a Flawless Trials Carry?

Simply put, to get a Flawless Trials of Osiris card you need a good fireteam with synergy and coordination. This is not common. If you don't have a stable clan or reliable team mates, you may end up playing in LFG with randoms who will simply waste your time (or the whole weekend!). Therefore, it's very easy to miss out on your pinnacle reward or on any specific weapons you may be after. 

If you have ever tried to complete a Flawless run with a team of Guardians you have never met before, you may know how frustrating it can be. That's why our service exists. In fact, with our Trials Sherpa Carry, you will have experienced and reliable pros who are reaching the Lighthouse every weekend for years now, without any cheats, of course!

What are the requirements for a Trials Sherpa Carry from Blazingboost?

There are 3 main requirements in order to enter Trials:

  1. You need to have the most recently released expansion in Destiny 2

  2. Your guardian needs to have 1800 Power Level (without counting your Artifact) in order to be optimal and fully contribute to each match. If you have less Power Level, the price may change.

  3. You need to have completed the "Trials Access" quest in game, which basically requires you to complete your Competitive Placements matches and get 50 kills in Competitive Crucible.

If you meet all of these requirements, our Trials Carry services are at your disposal. If you need any help in order to enter Trials, contact us and we can certainly help you out though!

How do your Trials Sherpa services work exactly? When can I expect my run?

Firstly, it must be said that you can customize your Trials service with many options!

You can choose which Passage you want to use, how many pros you want in your team, your priority, and more.

After your purchase, we will immediately start looking for a pro (or two pros) that shall complete your order. In fact, our support team will analyse your order's settings and start messaging our pros. In the meanwhile, our pros can also apply to complete your order, so that our support team can immediately find the team that suits you best.

Once the team has been found, you will be put in a Discord group conference with our pro(s), ensuring that you can schedule a time and complete your run when it works best for you.

Lastly, our completion deadline is the end of the Trials rotation on Tuesdays. However, you can expect your order to generally start within a few hours at most, unless the weapon in rotation is in really hot demand. This is why we genuinely recommend purchasing your Trials runs earlier during the weekend.

In any case, you can always reach out to our support to know when we expect to start, so that you can plan your purchase.