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In the game Destiny 2, what sets you apart from other Guardians in public locations are your titles! If you see a player with a Golden Conqueror title and a certain number, that means that player has been at the top of the PvE game for multiple seasons, clearing Grandmaster content. If you see a Player with a Golden Flawless title with a number, that means you're looking at a great PvP player.

Every single title has a Seal connected to it which requires certain triumphs completed to obtain them. Some have as few as four triumphs attached to them like Conqueror, but some can have dozens! The number of triumphs doesn't dictate the difficulty or the time investment. Some Seals can be completed within a few hours by professional players, but it may be impossible for an average player. Some seals just require a huge time investment.

If you have a particular triumph you don't have time, team, or knowledge for, Seal Boosts are the perfect answer. There should not be a gate or a punishment for a solo player with a limited amount of time. It's becoming a recurring thing where gamers with real jobs neglect their hobby and it reflects poorly on their mood, even if they don't know it.

Let us complete the grind instead of you, and you get to use all of your gaming time on important things and content you like!



What are Seals?

Seals are groups of Destiny 2 triumphs that once fully completed awards the player with a Title, that can be shown in-game under the player's name. There are several Seals in the Destiny 2 Game, and each one contains different Triumphs related to specific Seasons or Activities. Within Season of the Chosen, Bungie has divided Seals into two major categories: Standard and Gilded Seals. Once players complete the Standard Seal, they will unlock several more Triumphs and the ability to complete the Gilded Seal.

Why should I buy a Seal Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Players will complete the Seal and each triumph within it, increasing their total triumph score and acquiring the related in-game title.
  • Players will unlock the Gilded Seal if they complete the Standard Seal and a Gilded Version is available.
  • Players will unlock a new Title Color if they Complete the Gilded Seal.
  • Players will have the chance to complete the associated Badge (not every Seal has it) meaning that they will acquire all the Gear (armor and weapons) related to the desired Seal.

How to complete a Seal in Destiny 2?

  • Players will have to complete all the Triumphs included in the Seal. Once done, they will unlock the related in-game Title.

Which are requirements in order to be able to complete a Seal in Destiny 2?

  • There are no other general requirements. Every Seal and each Triumph within it has its own requirement.

Why is it difficult to complete a Seal in Destiny 2?

  • The list of triumphs required to complete the seal is quite long and time-consuming, meaning that completing it requires a lot of effort from the player and several hours of gameplay.
  • Some of the triumphs are bound to endgame difficult activities, like Raids or Nightfalls.