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We want you to enjoy Destiny 2 to the fullest, with zero risks. Most customers who need our services are busy gamers without a stable fireteam. Imagine coming home from work and being stuck with the wrong team, unable to clear content, not getting loot. You may grow out of the game, feel detached, and quit. We offer a solution with ZERO risks. Recovery services can cause a ban, hence why we wholeheartedly encourage all of our customers to try Destiny 2 Sherpas.

With Destiny 2 Sherpa services, you will complete activities without account sharing. You will play with pro fireteams, learn from them, and save a lot of time. Destiny 2 is a great but time consuming game and we think you should experience it to the fullest with total safety. No headaches, no hacking of course, no ban risks. 

Unfortunately, LFG is riddled with toxic players who will spew negativity and ruin the fun. Our Destiny 2 Sherpas will provide a very positive atmosphere while you enjoy a smooth and a pleasant experience in-game. As you tag along, you can ask questions and improve your Destiny 2 skill level!


We are very proud of our seasoned roster of pros! Our Destiny 2 Carry services allow you to clear GM Nightfalls, Master Raids, get a Flawless Trials of Osiris run, and more. We even offer Day 1 Sherpa completions for new raids when they come out, believe it or not! Everything is possible with the right fireteam if you participate and give your best.

We find it very interesting what most of our pros say once an order is completed: "the customer was actually pretty good, he just doesn't have the right fireteam to play with".  You could be in that very situation right now. We're here to help. 
Obviously, every Destiny 2 Sherpa service is completed without the usage of any cheating or hacking tools. You are 100% safe as you are going to play with legit players without sharing your account, which is against Bungie's Terms of Service.



What is the difference with a Recovery service?

Recovery services entail account sharing. A strong player will log your account and complete any grind or activity you need. This can cause a ban, as Recoveries are against the Terms of Service of the game. 

  • A Destiny 2 Carry in Sherpa instead, does not require anyone to log on your account! You will play with pros with 100% safety. 

What is a Destiny 2 Sherpa service?

Interestingly enough, the term sherpa in Destiny 2 is inspired by members of Himalayan people who are experts in mountaineering and help adventurers in climbing mountains. 

Therefore, Destiny 2 Sherpa services invovle pro players with huge experience and skill. They will play with you, clear content, and ensure you have fun and learn on the way. This is the future of the industry. 

Our Destiny 2 Sherpa Carries or Selfplay Boosts offer the chance for you to play with very competent and friendly gamers. Our pros will play with you, guide you, and complete any content of your choice.
This doesn’t include any account sharing at all which means that it’s 101% safe to do.

Are Destiny 2 Sherpas considered cheating?

No, cheating is connected to hacks and cheat services that allow you to gain unfair advantage through hacking the game's software code.

This has absolutely nothing to do with a D2 Sherpa service, hence why you will not risk a ban for any of these services.

How does a Sherpa service work practically at BlazingBoost?

After your purchase, we will find a team that fits your needs and you will meet our pro within a Discord group conference. Once you are there, you can schedule a time to meet each other in game and complete the Destiny 2 Sherpa activity that you need!

Our pro will bring the appropriate fireteam according to the activity you have purchased. In most occasions, our pro's usual team mates will join and blast through the activity. In the meanwhile, we ask you to participate and give your best, so you can also learn on the way of course! If you have any questions, our pros will always be glad to help you out in chat. They know all the tricks and secrets to perform at the highest level, so if you want to know more about optimal weapons or loadouts, just ask!

What guarantees me that a Destiny 2 Sherpa is completely safe?

Simply enough, there just aren't bans for these services in the game. Many famous players even stream Sherpas sometimes. It is not a bannable offense. Really, you shouldn't worry: Destiny 2 boost services that are done in Sherpa are okay and are not considered a form of hacking or cheating, at all. You can also check our Trustpilot and see what our customers think.

We realize that hacking is part of the boosting industry, as some providers unfortunately complete services with hacks and cheats. We are different, otherwise we would not even be encouraging Destiny 2 Sherpa Carries in the first place!


Why do players buy Destiny 2 Sherpa Carries?

The core reason is the lack of a stable fireteam, or time, to grind out a difficult activity. 

A lot of activites in Destiny 2 are quite challenging. You will need a competent fireteam to be able to efficiently clear the content, patient enough to invest enough time without getting discouraged after some failed attempts.

Whether you're looking for Trials of Osiris SherpasGrandmaster Nightfalls, hunting for a certain weapon, or clearing Master Raids, our Destiny 2 sherpa services lets you enjoy your favorite activity and save tons of time!

How do I communicate with your support and with my pro after my purchase?

After purchasing a Destiny 2 Sherpa service, we will have to get in touch on Discord. Here are the steps:

  1. Join this Discord server. The server is supposed to be empty, do not worry! It's built like this for privacy purposes. You cannot see other customers, and they cannot see you.
  2. Look for “BlazingBoost Destiny 2#2528”. This is our main support contact. You should be able to message us right away as we will share the server! 
    If anything is wrong, you can always send us a friend request and we will accept right away. 
  3. Once we're in contact on Discord, we'll start looking for a pro for your Destiny 2 Sherpa service and get you in touch with them within a group conversation. 

If you have any questions, you can contact our Discord support at any time, as we provide 24/7 Customer Support, and they'll be able to assist you. If you have any issue with the above procedure, our Livechat support at blazingboost.com can help you on the way. 

Who is going to complete my Destiny 2 Sherpa?

First and foremost, our Destiny 2 sherpa services are always completed by friendly players who want you to have a good time.

However, our players are also Destiny pros! You will play with Guardians with high PvE and PvP achievements under their belt. As an example, the majority of our PvE Sherpa services are completed by clan members who complete Day 1 Raids.

Remember: account sharing is not included at all which means that it’s 101% safe to play with them.

Is Sherpa the same as Coaching in Destiny 2? Do you offer both?

Sherpa services are particularly focused on the completion of an activity, with you following our pros, doing your best, and participating actively. You can ask questions and you will obviously receive an answer from our pros.

Destiny 2 Coaching services are similar but have a different structure: they are hourly based and are FULLY learning oriented. Completing an activity during the coaching hour is not guaranteed and the core service focuses on explaining strategies, loadouts, builds, practicing your aim, and more. 

We obviously offer both products! You can look at our Coaching section here.