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About our Destiny 2 Carry services:


Having been around for just over 14 years, Destiny 2 has steadily amassed a wealth of content for its faithful players to enjoy. From Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner for its PvP community, to Raids, Dungeons and Nightfalls for its PvE-ers, to gun, armor and emblem collecting for more completion-oriented Guardians. And with the most recent tidal wave of content released during the Final Shape, and Into the Light before it, players will have no shortage of stuff to grind for anytime soon.


But just like all of its MMO brethren, Destiny 2 suffers from some key issues in regards to its matchmaking & co-op gameplay. First and foremost, LFG is a nightmare. Incompetent fireteams, people who are angry for no reason, leavers, griefers, you name it. Getting a dedicated fireteam together is even harder, and even more time consuming.


And with so many boosting providers turning to shady business, using cheats, hacks and exploits to do their dirty work, even worse things than wasting time in LFG might threaten your account. Besides, Bunge's recently started cracking down on account-sharing hard, especially in trackable content like Master Raids, GM Nightfalls of Trials of Osiris. Already, they've started dishing out bans in spades.


Which is why we've come up with a solution that helps us both stay safe: Sherpas! That's right, through our Destiny 2 Carry services, you are guaranteed to stay 100% safe while enjoying the company of an elite fireteam. With our help, you'll be able to clear any content in the game without wasting a second of your time, all while learning from some of the best, most pro players in the game!


If you've any questions, concerns or would like some help setting your service up, our 24/7 customer support team is always here to help - you can reach them by clicking the little Live Chat button on the bottom right hand corner of the page.



What kinds of Destiny 2 Sherpa Carry services do you offer?

We can complete pretty much any content in the game through Sherpa. From a Flawless Trials run to some GM Nightfalls to weapon farming to Master Raid clears, you want it, we can help you get it done!

And should you want something more specific that is not a standalone service on our site, you can create a custom order through our Service Requests page, or by contacting a customer support representative through Live Chat or Discord.

What is a Destiny 2 Sherpa Carry?

Fun fact: the word 'Sherpa' originates from a group of Himalayan mountain-folk who often help travelers and tourists make their climb, like 'shepherds' of sorts.

That's the gist of our Destiny 2 Carry pros as well, they're elite players well versed in running any of the game's content, and with their help, you can clear it too! Simply put, a Sherpa Destiny 2 boosting service is one where you play one or more elite pros who will help you clear your desired content, provide useful tips and feedback, and generally guide you through anything you might be struggling with.

Also, since they involve no account sharing, Sherpa services are 100% safe.

What's the difference between a Sherpa and Recovery service?

Recovery services are ones completed through account sharing; in the context of a Recovery, an elite player would log into your account, pilot your characters and complete whatever content you ordered. Although we take every safety precaution possible during such orders, like mandatory use of a VPN, Recoveries still carry a significant risk of suspension.

Sherpas on the other hand, are 100%, completely safe!

How do I know that my account will be safe during a Destiny 2 Sherpa Carry?

The answer to this question is twofold: firstly, Sherpas reside in a sort of 'gray zone' in Bungie's ToS, where there are no explicit rules prohibiting them. While Bungie is obviouslty against buying anything in-game with real money (unless its from their shop), they don't really have a way of knowing when a Sherpa service is taking place, since everything is scheduled and organized using third party software instead of any chat they might have access to. This means that even if they're against boosting in general, they have no way of cracking down on anything that does not involve account sharing.

Besides, we've seen essentially zero bans happen due to a Sherpa service throughout our many years of operation. Trust us, our Destiny 2 Carry services are the safest services around.

Will my assigned Sherpa(s) use cheats or hacks during the service?

Of course not! Here at BlazingBoost, we enforce an absolute zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of activity that can jeopardize our customers' accounts, hacking, exploiting, or other forms of cheating / game rigging included. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority; we do everything in our power to ensure that your service goes smoothly, is done safely, and leaves you with a cleanly completed order.

Is Sherpa the same as Coaching in Destiny 2? Do you offer both?

Yes and no. Sherpa services are more focused on clearing your selected content as quickly as possible, with the Pros blazing (no pun intended) through your enemies while you follow along and do your best to help them out. Of course, they'd be more than willing to answer any question you might have during the order, but they aren't necessarily dedicated to teaching you about the content itself.

Coaching services, on the other hand, are designed to teach you more than carry you, and are structured on an hourly basis, meaning instead of ordering an activity, you essentially rent a coach out for a given time. Completing an activity during the coaching hour is not guaranteed and the core service focuses on explaining strategies, loadouts, builds, practicing your aim, and more. 

And indeed, we've got both Coaching and Sherpas available on the site, which you can find right here.