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King's Fall is a raid introduced in the Season of the Plunder. Perhaps the most exciting part of any Destiny 2 expansion is the release of a new 6-player raid activity. This is a legacy raid that was firstly released back in Destiny 1 and which has now been reworked with new armor, weapons & mechanics, coming back to Destiny 2.

There are 5 separate encounters, and the goal for each one is to complete certain mechanics and get to the damage phase. That's when you coordinate with your team and do the most damage possible, repeating the process until the boss dies.

The encounters are:

  • Charging up: Prevent Totems of Destruction from exploding, feed the main totem with Deathsinger's power and pass Warpriest's trial. 
  • Warpriest: Complete a glyph sequence puzzle, extend the damage phase countdown and deal enough damage to Warpriest to defeat him.
  • Golgoroth: Grab his gaze, and extend the damage phase with switching it while you damage the small opening in his armor. Clear adds and repeat until he dies.
  • The Sisters: Find three blight fragments while you are Torn between Dimensions, damage one sister at a time while in the invulnerability shell provided with the reconstructed blight relic. Repeat until both sisters are dead.
  • Oryx, the Taken King: Kill Light-Eater Ogres and Knights, find the blight fragments while Torn, detonate bombs and damage Oryx's heart in his exposed chest. Repeat until last stand at 20% health, then use everything you have to kill his heart for the final time.

Weapon rewards include:
Doom of Chelchis(Scout Rifle), Quillim's Terminus(Machine Gun), Smite of Merain(Pulse Rifle), Defiance of Yasmin(Sniper Rifle), Midha's Reckoning(Fusion Rifle), Zouli's Bane(Hand Cannon) and last but not least the Raid Exotic, Touch of Malice(Scout Rifle).

Touch of Malice has the perk of using your own health to empower its shots, and you don't have to reload unless you run out of health. Be careful though, because the weapon will kill you if you shoot it while low enough. Handle with care.

The new King's Fall raid was launched for all players on August 26th, 2022. It is one of the most difficult raids released to date due to the raid requiring a lot of preparations and communication between players in order to be able to complete it.
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