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Destiny 2 Raids are a 6 player endgame PvE activity that offer a very challenging experience, and require both team cohesion, and indiviual effort to complete. They feature many memorable bosses from the Destiny lore, and players are tasked to take them down in a series of formidable encounters and challenges.

Best Destiny Raid LootRaids in Destiny 2 offer some of the most sought after exotic and legendary weapons. Such as Touch of Malice from King's Fall, One Thousand Voices and Apex Predator from Last Wish, and the latest raid exotic weapon added to the game, Necrochasm from Crota's End

We offer everything related to Raids in Destiny 2! Whether you're after certain Exotic Weapons like the Vex Mythoclast or the Rivensbane Title (Last Wish Seal), If you can think of it, we can, in 99% of cases, boost you through it and get it for you.

Our D2 Raid carries can be personalized and customized to your liking, including the option to request custom bundles.

Just like most activities in Destiny 2, raids are on a weekly rotation. Apart from the newest raid, Crota's End, all available raids will rotate by the order of their release dates. While in rotation, the raid will have its master version available, and you will be able to complete all of the challenges available, which are needed for Triumphs for the raid specific Seal. The raid will also be farmable, making it a great time to farm your favorite raid specific exotic weapons!
If a raid is not in rotation, the master version won't be available. Each guardian can only do it once a week.

Crota's End, the newest raid in Destiny 2, will have its master version available every week, with rotating weekly challenges.

If you have any questions about services included in this section or want a certain bundle made for you, please feel free to reach out to our LiveChat support at the bottom right side of the page. And most importantly, have fun Guardians!




Are Destiny 2 Raids hard to complete?

Destiny 2 raids, specially Master raids, offer a very challenging in-game experience to players. If you want to succeed and survive, you will have to communicate with your fireteam and make sure every player does their part right. 

There are many tough encounters in raids that are designed to break the will of even seasoned veterans! These encounters are riddled with puzzles, mechanics, and DPS checks that are designed to test you. Should you fail and wipe at any point, you're back at the start and have to do the entire process all over again.

Raids can be very time consuming, specially if you're teaming up with people from LFG. You may end up spending countless hours trying to push through a certain encounter, but always end up failing.

Some of the best and most challenging, albeit fun, encounters in D2 raids include The Caretaker encounter from Vow of the Disciple, Queens walk and Riven encounters in Last Wish, and the latest addition, Crota, the final boss in Crota's End.

By getting a Destiny 2 Raid carry from Blazingboost, not only will you be able to breeze through these challenging and fun encounters, you will also learn a lot and enjoy these raids to the fullest.

Why should I buy a D2 Raid Boost from BlazingBoost?

We’ve been in the boosting industry since 2012. Specifically for Destiny, we have many years under our belt with a large roster of experienced players who have already completed many Destiny 2 Day 1 Raid boosts with previous Raid releases. Therefore, we can provide a raid boost efficiently and on all the available platforms: PC, XBOX, and PS4/PS5.

What you can expect from us if you decide to go for a Destiny 2 Raid service:

- A truthful and a precise time of completion for your order.
- A reasonable price with quality players that will be assigned to your order.
- 24/7 support on our website's Livechat and on Discord. We're ready to help you with any questions you might have.
- Consumer legal rights respected
- Our raid services are completed without the use of any cheating or hacking softwares

Your consumer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to deliver a good experience and not only a service. Our Trustpilot can show you that we have many satisfied customers who trust us. We have over 34,000+ reviews and an excellent 5/5 rating.

What are the benefits of completing a D2 Raid service?

Raids in D2 are the peak of endgame content. Most top-tier weapons and armors come from raids, but they take time and are quite challenging to complete.

Our services are designed to help busy gamers enjoy the ultimate end game content without having to go through the hassle of forming a competent fireteam through LFG, and waste precious hours by trying to clear their favorite Destiny 2 Raids.

We recommend you choose the Sherpa option for any raid boosts, as they offer the best value, and are completely safe. 
By playing with our pros, you will enjoy a smooth and a pleasant experience with no toxicity and negative vibes.
You will be playing with pro fiteteams that will guarantee you clear content in an efficient and timely manner, all the while learning and improving. You will be taught the best tips, tricks and strategies, which will ultimately make you a much better Guardian!

Completing raids is very time consuming, by choosing to go with a raid carry, you will be saving tons of time, and most importantly, you will be having fun clearing content!


How many raids are in Destiny 2?

There are currently a total of 8 raids in Destiny 2, some of which are reprised raids from Destiny 1.

They are ranked with their order of release dates:

Who will complete my Destiny 2 Raid carry?

We work with seasoned teams and pro players who are in this industry for years. The vast majority of our pros have achieved Day 1 Raid emblems in the past, clear content very quickly, or are PvP gods

As you can see on our Trustpilot, we are obssessed with customers' satisfaction and services' quality. This is only achievable by carefully picking the right players who have the right mindset and take this business seriously.

All of our pros are contracted with us, regularly checked, and understand the importance of keeping every customer happy when shopping online. 

Why should I choose Sherpa over Recovery for my raid boost?

The Sherpa version is the safest possible product for this activity. Guaranteed to be 100% safe!

Do not trust sellers who claim that Recoveries are 100% safe just with a VPN. It cannot be guaranteed. A VPN always helps but it's not bulletproof, hence why we constantly encourage all of our users who are interested in Destiny 2 raid recoveries to switch to Sherpa.

We take your safety very seriously. That's why our roster of pro players are regularly and rigorously checked and tested to ensure that the highest quality standards are met, and guarantee that no cheats are being used.

By getting a Sherpa D2 Raid boost, you will complete these activities, without account sharing, by playing along with our pros. You will learn a lot, have tons of fun, and most importantly, clear these raids in a timely manner without wasting your precious hours. 

What are all the options included in your raid boosting services for Destiny 2?

We offer a wide variety of services related to raids in Destiny 2.

  • Spoils of Conquest farm
  • Raid specific Triumphs and Seals
  • Normal full raid run and last boss kills
  • Master full raid run and last boss kills
  • Master raid challenges
  • Exotic, Legendary, and Red Border weapons farming services
  • Raid specific armor sets

All of our raid carry services are highly customizable. If you wish to have a specific bundle made just for you, do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll arrange it for you.


    What happens after purchasing a raid carry service?

    Once you place your order, you will need to join our "Contact Only" Discord server:
    This will allow you to message our Discord support account "BlazingBoost Destiny 2#2528" for Destiny 2, even without a friend request. You can send a friend request to that same discord if you still can't find us. After we confirm your order, we will start searching for available pro players.

    If you buy a raid service with the recovery(account sharing) option, you will be informed by our discord support whenever someone is on your account.
    For Sherpa (self-play), which we recommend for 100% safety, we will make group chat, on discord, with you and your assigned team, so you can schedule and coordinate with them.

    You can organize your schedule with that team from that point, and they will do their best to accommodate you.

    Our discord support will be available for you 24/7 for any additional questions or doubts that you might have.