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About the newest content update: Into the Light

Destiny 2 Into the Light is a free and a pretty interesting content update launching on April 9th!

Officially, it is not a new season - but it almost feels like one. There's a lot of PvE and PvP content that caters to seasoned Guardians or newcomers. We love that. It was designed to bridge the gap before the Final Shape expansion is released on June 4th. 


  • The new "Onslaught" 3 men horde mode in Normal and Legend difficulty 
  • Fan favourite weapons are making a comeback as "Brave" reprised weapons: the Mountaintop, Recluse, Luna's Howl, & more! 12 total weapons, with a new limited shader, are the core rewards from Onslaughts
  • Year 1-inspired armor sets
  • The new Hall of Champions social space
  • Whisper and Zero Hour Exotic Missions are back
  • A new raid challenge mode: The Pantheon

This free update ensures a great amount of ongoing content for everyone. We're hyped, and our pros are ready to assist you for any of your needs at record speed.

As you know, all of our services are completed by professional and screened Destiny pros who are here to help you and let you save tons of time.

Our mission is to help busy Destiny 2 Guardians, so you can stay competitive and not feel like quitting the game. Contact us if you have any questions, our team is online 24/7 to build custom offers and suggest you the best deals that fit your needs. 



How to get the new Into the Light Brave weapons in Destiny 2? Will it take a lot of time?

In general, you can get them in two ways:

  1. They can drop from completing Onslaughts (in base, or Limited Time version with x2 set of perks if you are really lucky)
  2. You can get their Limited Time version, with a specific shader, and with x1 set of Perks by completing their correlated quest. The quest is obtained from Shaxx, the current vendor in the Halls of Champions. This is sufficient for casuals, but the most hardcore players may want the x2 set of perks, and even a Godroll!

Therefore, once you've obtained the Limited Time version once through the quest, you may still want to farm Onslaughts for a long time to get your Godroll & Limited Time version with x2 set of perks. This is a huge grind. We're here to help with that, of course!

Note that once you have completed a weapon's quest, you can attune to that weapon to have increased drop chance for it from Onslaughts. This is how you 'target' a weapon and farm it efficiently. 

What is the Onslaught activity exactly? Can you help me with it?

It's a new horde mode, repeatable as many times as you want (not locked behind a weekly reset), for 3 players. It has two difficulties: Normal with 10 waves of enemies to fight off, and Legend with 50 waves.

This activity rewards the new Brave Weapons, some of which are reprised from the past. This is how fan favourite weapons like Mountaintop are coming back, alongside a new Limited Time shader that you can get before The Final Shape is released. Obviously, new armor sets are available from Onslaughts too!

This loot is a must have as it will grow into the meta, for sure. We're here to help you complete the initial quests and Onslaughts with our Sherpa pros (recommended), or by letting one of us grind it out on your account in Recovery. All details about the Onslaught activity and services are here

What can I do in the new social hub "Halls of Champions"?

You will be able to hang out with other Guardians, solve puzzles, and pick up quests from Shaxx. These are the quests that will unlock the first Brave Weapons for you, so that you can drop them in Onslaught to farm your godroll. 

A new feature is also incoming: "Attuning" your Guardian to a weapon. If you have unlocked all 12 weapons but you want to target a specific one to farm its godroll, you can Attune to that weapon. Our pro boosters will ensure you are attuned to the weapon you're after before beginning your service, of course. 

What is the new Super Black Shader? How to unlock it?

It's the ultimate reward for getting all the 12 Brave Weapons in their Limited Time version! We are offering it here with a 15% discount.

How will the new Exotic missions work with the Into the Light update?

"The Whisper" is the exotic mission that will reward the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle, and "Zero Hour" is the mission that will reward the Outbreak Perfected exotic pulse rifle.  

If you need help with the missions, you guessed it right: we can do that! 

We are offering the Mission completion, the weapons, and the Catalyst (rewarded from the Legend version of the mission itself). 

What is the new raid challenge mode: "The Pantheon"?

Unfortunately, not much information has been released. Most probably, it will be a 'raid boss rush mode', where you can face a rotating list of bosses.

We have to wait until the end of April to know more. We'll keep you posted!