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About our Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid Boosting services:


With the impending release of the Final Shape, Destiny 2's most anticipated expansion to date - the very end of the Light and Dark saga, has also come word of a brand new raid - Salvation's Edge. Like its predecessors before it, Slavation's Edge will no doubt be an awesome experience packed to the brim with new weapons, emblems, a new exotic, seal and plenty more. As Guardians' Power Level will now be able to rise into the 2000s, Salvation's Edge has quickly become one of the most challenging raiding experience Destiny 2 has ever seen.

With Day 1 done and most players having already getting the hang of their new Prismatic Subclass, Salvation's Edge has settled into its role as the latest and by far most difficult raid currenlty available in the game. Moreover, with Master being recently released, more Guardians than ever are flocking to farm up all the sweet loot it's brought along with it. Speaking of-



Since there's a lot to cover, here's a list of everything you can expect to find in Salvation's Edge:

  • A brand new Seal and Triumph
  • Six new Legendary Weapons
  • A new Exotic, the Strand Linear Fusion Rifle - "Euphony"
  • A new Armor Set - the "Promised" Set
  • A new Exotic Ship - "Turmoil Engine"
  • A new Exotic Ghost Shell - "Timeless Bond"

Alongside these, and if the leaks are to be trusted, the Final Shape has brought in a vast array of new content beyond the scope of its new raid, which might potentially mean up to 11 new exotics, an entirely new "Prismatic" Subclass, alongside tons of new Ornaments, Emblems, Titles and Shaders. Though we're only in its first Episode, the Final Shape is definitely "shaping up" to be the 'bigger and bolder' expansion that Bungie said it would be.


And if you'd like to clear the raid yourself, be it in Master or Normal, or maybe farm up that new Exotic, or some of the dozens of new legendaries and triumphs, then our pros have got you covered! With our Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid Boost services, you can get all of this and more at some of the most affordable prices on the market. If you've any other questions, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support Team over on Live Chat!



What sort of Exotic Weapon can I get through your Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid Boost?

Recent leaks have revealed the brand new Exotic Raid Weapon coming with Salvation's Edge, that being the Exotic Strand Linear Fusion Rifle called Euphony. In keeping with all other raid exotics, Euphony has a chance to drop from the raid's final boss. As is the case with Conditional Finality from Root of Nightmares, completing certain Triumphs will grant you an increased chance of getting the weapon.

Apart from its awesome look, the second coolest thing about this weapon is its Exotic Perk:

  • Unwound - Dealing sustained damage with this weapon spawns Threadlings at your target’s location.

This means that, if you pair it with a Threading build, Euphonys Exotic has a chance to be a top-tier damage dealer. You can also check out any additional options that might catch your eye, like getting your weapon farmed on all guardians, and such.

What exactly is Salvation's Edge, and why should I buy a boost for it?

Salvation's Edge will be Destiny 2's latest Raid, releasing three days after the Final Shape come June 7th, 2024. Although a series of leaks have revealed many of the rewards you'll be able to earn throughout the Edge, we've yet to find out how many Bosses the raid will consist of, nor who exactly it is you'll have to fight.

And since Bungie promised to make this expansion 'bigger and bolder' than its predecessors, and because Power Level will now scale up into the high 1900s, the first few weeks of Salvation's Edge's release will most likely make the raid quite tough to tackle, especially with LFG.

There's no need to worry about new mechanics or bad fireteams when we've got your back!

How do Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid Boost runs work at Blazingboost?

Our Destiny 2 Salvation Edge Raid Boost services should more or less function the same way as all of our other Raid services. You'll be able to take your pick of which Mode, those being Master or Normal, you want the raid completed in, whether you'd like the whole raid or only the final boss, and so on.

Just line in our other services, you'll have to choose whether you want your clear of Salvation's Edge completed as a Sherpa or Recovery (we'll always recommend the Sherpa option, since it's way safer). Depending on which option you choose, we'll set you up in a Sherpa or Recovery convo with your assigned booster(s), where you'll be able to chat and plan when your service will be completed.

If you purchase a Recovery, one of our pros will log on your account through the use of a VPN. Once your order is completed, you will be informed, so you can login and change your password. We take every precaution to keep you as safe as possible, but it must be said that Sherpas are the real bulletproof service completion method for you to be 101% safe. That's why we recommend them. 

What are some of the rewards I can expect to earn from Salvation's Edge?

Here's a comprehensive look at what Salvation's Edge, the Final Shape Raid, will have in store for you:

Six new Legendary Weapons:

  • Summum Bonum - Legendary Arc Sword
  • Fourthcoming Deviance - Legendary Void Glave
  • Critical Anomaly - Stasis Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Nullify - Solar Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Imminence - Strand Legendary Submachine Gun
  • Non-Denouement - Arc Legendary Bow

A brand new Exotic Ghost Shell, called "Timeless Bond", the new "Promised" armor set, a new Exotic Ship "Turmoil Engine", and last but not least, Salvation's Edge's new Raid Exotic - the Linear Fusion Rifle "Euphony".

Plus, you'll be able to earn the new Salvation's Edge Seal and all of its Triumphs.