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One of the coolest additions in Season of the Haunted is the Duality dungeon, which has players entering Calus’ mind to try and uncover his secrets. Broken up across three major encounters and one small puzzle, this dungeon can be pretty tricky to figure out. Like any new dungeon, Duality is a source of many unique legendary weapons. This time we also have one unique exotic weapon.

This dungeon is available on legendary and master difficulty on all platforms: PC, XBOX, PS4/5. You can buy every available service with a Sherpa (self-play) or account sharing option (recovery). Book your Duality Dungeon boost today!



  • Legendary weapons that you get from each dungeon’s encounter;
  • Deep explorer armor set - you will get armor pieces by completing encounters (If you complete Duality on the master difficulty you will get Artifice Armor pieces with an extra mod socket for Artifacts mods);
  • Various triumphs - for doing Solo Flawless Duality, collecting all collectibles inside the dungeon, completing the dungeon on Master difficulty, etc;
  • HEARTSHADOW, EXOTIC SWORD - that drops from Calus’ Greatest Shame (Third and final encounter). This is an excellent new weapon that drops randomly (low drop rate), you can try to get it one time per guardian, per week.




Why should I buy the Duality dungeon boost?

Dungeons are mechanic-heavy, three-player endgame encounters that bridge the gap between Strikes and Raids.


We know that trying to complete an endgame with random people can be hard and full of toxicity. There is a lot of shaming and blaming going around when your team doesn't succeed. You can lose countless hours trying to get that sweet roll of some weapon or high armor stat, without getting anything in return.

Running dungeons with friends is great, you will certainly have a good time, but if your friends are not geared enough or armed with Duality dungeon knowledge, you can fail multiple times.


This can especially be the case if you want to try to complete this dungeon on Master difficulty.

Scheduling is also a problem in this day and time, it is getting harder to organize a playing session where everybody can play together at the same time.


Our company specializes in solving all those issues for you. We have many skilled and experienced players that have completed the Duality dungeon many times so far. Their main goal is to help you achieve what you paid for, and for you to have a pleasant and fun experience. 

Therefore, regardless if you choose to complete the Duality dungeon in recovery (account sharing) or choose to play together with our boosters (Sherpa), you won’t be making a mistake



Why should I buy the Duality dungeon boost from you?

We’ve been in this line of work for over a decade now. We know all too well how frustrating it can be attempting to do anything through the LFG and matchmaking systems, players are impatient and groups can disband at the first sign of trouble.


We're aware that many gamers lead busy lives and don't want to waste their free time. Why spend time wiping on bosses with random groups or doing the same encounter each day, in vain. Our services will help you save time and avoid the tediousness of the daily Guardian grind.


We also offer:

- a precise and truthful estimated time of delivery

- the best possible price with high service quality

- 24/7 Livechat and Discord support that can answer any questions that you might have


You're also more than welcome to check out our Trustpilot page, we have over 30k+ 5/5 star reviews, which is proof of our high service quality and customer satisfaction.


Who is going to boost me?

We have many excellent teams at our disposal; every booster is tested before joining our company, to ensure a high quality service. This includes boosters on every available platform: PC, XBOX, PS4/PS5.


Our boosters have teams that are ready and assembled specially for boosting you through the raid, many of them even completed  the Duality dungeon on Day 1 .They already know secrets, weapons that are needed, optimal armor stats, mods, or which tactics to use. That means they know this dungeon in and out already, which will ensure successful and fast completion.


The only choice that you have to make is to decide to play together with one of our teams (Sherpa) or you will choose to do this service with account sharing(Recovery).


What happens after purchasing? Will I lose access to my account?

After you order a service, we will have to get in touch on Discord. Please join this Discord server "https://discord.gg/Sef6HKC" and then look for “BlazingBoost Destiny2#2444”. The server is supposed to be shown as empty due to privacy reasons, but you'll be able to message us since we'll be on the same server. If you're unable to send a message to our discord try sending a friend request.


Once we're in contact on Discord we'll start looking for a booster for your service and let you know as soon as one has been assigned. We'll pass you all the necessary information there and coordinate the login process. If you have any questions or are just looking for an update on your raid service, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If you paid for Sherpa (self-play) service we will make you a chat with your team on discord. Otherwise, if you paid for the account sharing (recovery) service, we will find a player to play on your account. You will always be informed whenever someone will be using your account.

That way you WILL NOT lose access to your account completely, you can even play when our booster is not using your account.


Is this service safe?

Account safety is a very important part of any boosting service. As a company with long term experience in boosting business, we pay special attention to our customer’s safety. That means we are always up to date with everything and we offer complete transparency to all our customers.


With that being said, Sherpa (self-play) services for Destiny 2 are 100 % safe. There is no risk involved as you will play on your account, together with our boosters. We always recommend Sherpa not only for safety but for an entertainment value too. You will experience the Vow of Disciple raid from the front seat, learn a lot about the strategy for this raid and the most efficient way to do it, and most importantly, have fun.


Another option that we offer is Recovery (account sharing). This means that you will leave us your account information, on the website, after the purchase. We will find a player to play for you; that player will be using a VPN to protect your account. We can guarantee that no cheats, bots, or any external software will be used while someone is on your account; and that nothing will be removed from your account without your permission.


There is a small ban risk involved, in line with a new Bungie policy, against account sharing. As previously mentioned VPN will be used to lower that risk.  We encourage you to think about Sherpa orders whenever possible, as a 100 % safe option. If that is not an option for you, we will do everything in our power to protect you.


How to get Heartshadow, the new exotic sword from the Duality Dungeon?

For the unfamiliar, Heartshadow is a void sword that will turn the user invisible whenever they perform a heavy attack. Doing a heavy attack will also release three small void orbs that seek out targets and explode upon impact with an enemy. While you are invisible Heartshadow will deal increased damage for a brief time and the projectile fired from this sword will weaken enemies making them take more damage.


Heartshadow is a random drop from the final encounter in the Duality raid. There is no exotic quest or another place you can earn this sword, so get ready to run this activity a lot if you want it. While the drop rate for this weapon is pretty small, you can actually increase it by completing various triumphs. The first is Solo Thoughtstealer, which is unlocked by completing the Duality dungeon solo. This is obviously not an easy task since these encounters will require a lot of patience to complete. Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be a flawless run so you can die and restart encounters if you are struggling. Upon completing the dungeon solo you will complete the Solo Thoughtstealer triumph, so turn it in to increase your Heartshadow drop rate.


The second triumph is Master Thoughtstealer which requires you to finish the dungeon on Master difficulty. This difficulty is set at 1590 Light, so you’ll want to be a minimum of 1580 before attempting to complete this. Just like above, finishing the triumph and turning it in will raise your drop rate. Finally, the last triumph is Mind Heist which tasks you with finding all 12 Repressed Memories hidden throughout the dungeon. These are the only triumphs that will increase your drop rate, with only one of them being feasible for an average player. You can also run the dungeon on multiple characters, giving you three chances a week to get this exotic sword to appear after killing the final boss.


What do I need to have before buying this service?

  • The Current Season
  • The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or have the dungeon purchased separately in the store
  • Each Difficulty has it's own Power Level requirements.