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What are BlazingBoost Destiny 2 Discounted Bundles?

BlazingBoost Destiny 2 Discounted Bundles are our special offers and bundles, where you can find some of the most desired services at a discounted price. BlazingBoost offers a variety of Discounted Bundles, fully customizable, that include:

  • PVE activities completion
  • PVP activities completion
  • Exotic Weapons
  • Legendary Weapons
  • Trials of Osiris Bundles

...and many more!

Why should I buy Destiny 2 Discounted Bundles?

  • Players will be able to obtain their desired gear or activity completion at a discounted price.
  • Players will save their money and time.

Which are requirements in order to be able to buy Destiny 2 Discounted Bundles?

  • There isn’t a general requirement, since each specific Discounted Bundle has its own specific requirement.