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Giga Deluxe Raid was added on the 25th of December and it is the latest addition in the Destiny 2 Arsenal of Raids. It has the new exotic Giga Chad which is a nuke weapon and can oblitirate every enemy in it's path. Best weapon to have, HANDS DOWN, PvE? PvP? Everything.


However, all of us know how hard it is to run these Raids, LFG is abysmal to get through and randoms will only stress you and waste your time. That's why we're here, with our Sherpa Giga Deluxe Raid you are going to get a quick hassle-free clear and a chance at the Giga Chad weapon if desired!


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What is the Giga Deluxe Raid?

Giga deluxe raid is the raid in Destiny 2, it packs 4 encounters each with their own unique boss:

  1. Encounter - Zyzz
  2. Encounter - Simeon Panda
  3. Encounter - The Liver King
  4. Encounter - GIGA CHAD

The first encounter is the easiest but takes the longest since Zyzz is a sponge boss, the 2nd encounter is a bit harder because it requires some pretty heavy movement mechanics while Simeon Panda is lying to you about him being a Natural. The 3rd encounter is Liver King and arguably the hardest even though you don't get anything, Liver King is throwing meat at you and forcing you to eat it which gives you a huge DEBUFF. The Last encounter GIGA CHAD is where you're going to get the new legendary NUKE Exotic the Giga Chad.

How to kill the Giga Chad? What's the best tactic?

Killing the final boss of Giga Deluxe Raid, the GIGA CHAD requires the BEST fireteams out there. The main mechanic revolves around his last phase, the huge muscular and SHARP chin. You have to pierce through it without being cut which is really hard because he has enourmous shields.

To actually initiate this last phase, all members of the fireteam have to MEW during the whole raid and all previous encounters. However if done properly, you have a chance at receiving 1 piece of the GIGA CHAD NUKE exotic!

Do this for a few weeks and you'd be able to craft the GIGA CHAD NUKE!

Why should I buy Giga Chad Deluxe Raid?

We all know how stressful LFG and Randoms can be so why waste your time and energy on them? Buy our Sherpa Giga Deluxe Raid and get a hassle-free Sherpa experience that includes are fast clear and a chance at the Giga Chad Nuke. How do we do this? Simple. Top 1% players in our roster.