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Sherpa services in Destiny 2 are designed to let you save a lot of time and be 100% safe. No account sharing is required!

We are perfectly aware that most of our customers are busy gamers who love this franchise but are very busy with IRL responsibilities. For this reason, this industry exists: even if you are busy, you do deserve to enjoy the game and not miss out on good gear or end-game content. Most LFG lobbies can be toxic and annoying to deal with. For this reason, our service allows you to rent a professional player to help you through any content with an hourly based booking system. Book your hourly Sherpa carry today!


What is a "Sherpa Carry"? What am I renting exactly?

In the Destiny 2 market, 'Sherpa' means playing with a professional player who will carry you through content. The main concept is that account sharing is NOT required for these services, hence why these services can also be named 'Selfplay' services. 

When renting a pro who will carry you through game content, you will certainly save a lot of time and learn something on the way. However, this is not a Coaching service. 

What is the difference with Coaching services?

When ordering a Coaching type of service, the system is essentially the same but with a very big difference: a Coacher has to complete content with you but also explain everything on the way, including the strategies, and tactics, and giving you a lot of tips and tricks to let you improve.

The services have different prices. You can find Coaching services here.

Who is going to play with me? Who are the players I can rent to carry me?

We will always team you up with professional Destiny 2 players who have cleared Day 1 raids or have high K/D ratios in PvP (according to what you decide to buy).  

However, these players are not particularly tested or hired to teach you the ins and out of the game. You should consider a Sherpa Carry if you wish to complete content without thinking too much about it, hence why this service is cheaper. 

So my account is safe? There is no account sharing involved?

Yes! Sherpa services are the new trend and you do not have to let anyone on your account. You are completely safe. 

What happens after purchasing?

Once your payment has been completed, please add us on Discord at "BlazingBoost Destiny2#2444" and we will get you in touch with your assigned player. You can schedule a time on Discord in a group conference, meet in the game, and play!