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Need those grindy weapons that are just nice to have? Like Divinity or 1k Voices? Well, in that case - this is the section for you! In our Exotic Weapons Bundles, you can find those specific bundles here for cheap, as well as other extras strapped on them to make them worth the purchase.



What are BlazingBoost’s Exotic Weapons Bundles?

BlazingBoost’s Exotic Weapons Bundles are our special offers and bundles, where you can find some of the most Exotic Weapons from Destiny 2 Game at a discounted price. BlazingBoost offers a variety of Exotic Weapon Bundles, fully customizable, that include:

  • Exotic Missions Bundles
  • Raid Exotics Bundles
  • Dungeon Exotics Bundles

...and many more!

Why should I buy Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Bundles?

  • Players will be able to obtain their desired Exotic Weapons at a discounted price.
  • Players will save their money and time.

Which are requirements in order to be able to buy Exotic Weapons Bundles?

There isn’t a general requirement, since each specific Discounted Bundle has its own specific requirement. You must match each service requirement.