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Deep Stone Crypt Seal in Destiny 2
1-6h Estimated Starting Time
12hours - Multiple Days (depends on the chosen Triumphs) Estimated Completion Time

Deep Stone Crypt Seal

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Seal - Descendant Title! Choose your Triumphs according to your progress.


Descendant is a title obtained by completing Deep Stone Crypt Seal. The seal consists of 19 triumphs obtained throughout the raid. You can select a specific triumph that you want us to complete, or you can select a "Full Seal" extra option if you need to start your seal from the scratch and we will take care of the rest for you.
Deep Stone Crypt is a raid released in the Beyond Light expansion back in the 2020. Although it is an old raid, players are still actively playing it due to its unique rewards and the title "Descendant".

Triumphs that are needed for this Seal and Title are:

  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid Clear - Complete the "Deep Stone Crypt" raid. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Clan Night: Deep Stone Crypt - Complete the "Deep Stone Crypt" raid with a team made entirely of clanmates. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Control Group - Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Electric Sheep - Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Meltdown - Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Freezing Point - Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Stasis subclasses. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Devoid of the Rest - Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Cryptkeeper - Loot hidden chests in the "Deep Stone Crypt" raid. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Not a Scratch - Bring all Pikes from the starting heat bubble to the final heat bubble. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • Rock Bottom - Collect all Exo Stranger logs. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Red Rover - Complete the "Red Rover" Challenge. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Resourse Contention - Shut down Crypt security while only using 2 out of 3 augmentation terminals. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Copies of Copies - Complete the "Copies of Copies" Challenge. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *5 Seconds to Paradise - Defeat Atraks-1 while destroying all Servitors within 5 seconds of each other. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Of All Trades - Complete "Of All Trades" Challenge - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Short Circuit - Confront Taniks while allowing only one player from your fireteam to deposit nuclear cores. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *The Core Four - Complete "The Core Four" Challenge. - ETA: 2-12 hours
  • *Ready, Set, Go! - Defeat Taniks, the Abomination while activating parts of conduit nodes within 5 seconds of each other. - ETA: 4-24 hours

By completing Triumphs that have asterisk (*) you will increase the drop rate of "Eyes of Tomorrow"

IMPORTANT: Trophies from the Deep Stone Crypt raid are not included in the price if you select "Full Seal" extra option. In order to acquire this triumph, you need to collect Trophies (weapons, armor, collectables etc.) from the raid. In case you are missing some of them to complete this triumph, please contact our discord support and we will make you a custom deal for this specific triumph.


  • Specific Triumphs or Full Seal completed
  • Descendant Title for completing all Triumphs from the Seal
  • Triumph points progress for your account
  • Season Pass and Artifact XP 
  • Legendary weapons & armor
  • Everything that drops throughout the raid you get to keep!


  • On this page, you can view the product's description and customize your order with Extra Options.
  • After purchasing, we need you to kindly provide us your order information (such as the Guardian you want us to complete the service on, for example).
  • By default, this service is completed in Recovery. We recommend you considering one of the Sherpa options so you can be 100% safe. 
  • In the meanwhile, we will get in touch on Discord to start working on your order! Our website's LiveChat can guide you on the way if you need help.
  • We will match you with a pro that fits your needs and organise the service's start, keeping you up to date!
  • If you buy a Sherpa service, we will create a group conference between you and your assigned pro, so you can schedule and meet each other in game. Sherpas are always recommended for 100% safety. 
  • If you buy a Recovery service, we will find a pro that will log on your account and start as soon as possible. You will be able to communicate with them directly through a Discord channel to exchange login codes.
  • In the meanwhile, our post-purchase support can always assist you in Discord DMs for any question, 24/7!

Why is Sherpa Recommended?


Sherpa is the only way to be completely safe with these services. In light of Bungie's Tweet in March 2023, Recoveries can be targeted and banned. If you still want to proceed with a Recovery service, we will use a VPN to protect you as much as possible, as we will connect to your country. However, this is never going to be a bulletproof protection. Sherpa is heavily recommended, as you can learn, have fun, and save a lot of time by playing with great pros. 


Get the Title!

Get the Title!

By completing the Seal, you will obtain the Title tied to it!

Reliable and Fast

Reliable and Fast

We will do everything in our power to organize & finish your order as soon as possible!

Save Your Time

Save Your Time

No headaches and time-wasting with LFG randoms!

Requirements & Rules

  1. The 'Standard Sherpa' option guarantees you a fireteam led by one of our pros who will bring along the right players / friends to ensure the service is fast, smooth, and easy.
  2. The 'Full Elite Sherpa Team' option is a new system introduced in July 2023! You will get a team of certified pros who play together very often. It may take a little longer to form the team, but the experience and completion speed will be unmatched. 


- 1800+ Power Level
- Beyond Ligh


What happens right after purchasing?

Our system will ask you for your order information and then we’ll get in touch on Discord to start coordinating your order! We’ll assign a pro player for your service and give you constant updates through the process.

How do we communicate on Discord?

There is a quick procedure to complete only on your first purchase!

  1. We need you to kindly join this Discord server
    We call it the ‘Contact-Only’ server as it allows you to message all of our support departments without a friend request (standard Discord settings allow you to message any contact that shares a server with you).
    Please note that this server looks empty on purpose for your privacy – nobody can see other server members so you are completely anonymous.
  2. Once you have joined the server, you can message us at "blazingboost_destiny2_official", our most active Destiny support account.
  3. We will communicate in a Discord Group Conference that we will create once you are in touch with us. The conference will contain all of our Destiny support accounts, so that all of our team can chat with you 24/7/365 with no downtime.

You may also receive an invitation to the specific conference via email if you cannot find us. In any case, the process is easy and fast. No worries!

Can I contact you on your website’s Livechat too? 

Yes, our Livechat is the basic gateway to our support. We are always online!
Our Livechat team can help you with any question or issue, generate a custom sale and redirect you to the right section or department that will suit your needs.
However, if you have already bought from BlazingBoost before, we encourage you to chat with us on Discord so that our dedicated team can help you even further thanks to previous chat histories.

Will I be in touch with my assigned pro player too?

Yes! For any of our services, you can always communicate with your pro. If you purchase a Sherpa service, you will have another group conference with your assigned pro, named with your order ID. You will be able to schedule a time and coordinate when you’ll meet each other in game to complete your service. We always recommend Sherpas for 100% safety and the best service experience.

If you purchase a Recovery instead (completed with account sharing), you will be able to communicate with your pro in a specific channel we will create in the Contact Only server. We encourage you to use this channel primarily to exchange login codes (SMS or any other system you have enabled on your Destiny account) so that our pro can login easily.

In the meanwhile, our support will always assist you directly. Even if you are in touch with your pros for a smoother coordination, our support is specifically trained to help you in great detail.

Which players work with you to complete my service?

Our recruitment procedure is very strict. We only work with very strong players that are contracted with us, and we make sure not to hire any cheaters, of course. To do so, we have a dedicated team with a lot of internal procedures to keep our roster clean. Any rotten apple is immediately filtered out.

Is my Destiny account safe?

In general, we employ every single system to make sure your service and account are safe.

However, it also depends on the product that you are purchasing. Sherpa services have zero risks as they are not against the game’s rules. They are fast, can generally be completed by our pro players on any platform due to Crossplay and we always encourage them as they are the future of this industry.

Account Sharing (Recovery) services, on the other hand, are against the game’s rules and cannot be considered completely safe. Even though our pros use a VPN, you need to be aware that a Recovery can never be considered 100% bulletproof.  Therefore, if you purchase a Recovery we encourage you not to overdo it and to change your password after each order.

Do I need to register on BlazingBoost to make a purchase?

Yes, as your account will gain discount points (“Blazing Points”) to use in the future. Every purchase you make generates credit on your account that you can use to drop the price on the cart!

Therefore, you can either make an account through the Register button or you can follow the ‘Quick Registration’ procedure on our cart. With a few clicks, you’ll be all set.

What is an “ETA”?

We consider it to be the estimated time to start and complete your service. In short, it corresponds to the usual duration of this service, which we have experienced with previous products of similar type. You can find it near the service price. Certain services may have a flexible ETA due to game mechanics, in which case you will always find a detailed explanation on this page.

We love being honest with our customer base and we do not want to deceive you with an unrealistic delivery time; however, we also go out of our way to make sure your order is completed as quickly as possible. As soon as we see your order, all of our pros can apply to complete it and we will also proactively message our most active and trusted players. After many years in business, we have developed lots of systems to start quickly, keep you updated, and compensate you in case of delays.

What is your refund policy?

In general, you can always ask for a cash refund if the service has not been started yet, or change your order into something else with a credit refund. This is in line with your consumer rights. 
As per our terms and conditions, the service is considered as started once a pro player has been found and the order has been organised. After the service's start, you can:

  1. ask for a cash refund if the ETA is doubled, in which case we are obliged to give you your money back for the part of the order that was not completed yet
  2. still change your order by requesting a credit refund

By default, if you experience delays caused by us or our player, we will always offer you a compensation (partial refunds, future discounts, website credit, or similar). We are on your side and we want you to have the best possible experience when shopping at BlazingBoost

Need a custom deal?

  • we suggest the right bundle for you
  • we can explain how any product works
  • we will build a custom service for you at the best price

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What is the Deep Stone Crypt Seal?

Seals are groups of Destiny 2 triumphs that once fully completed awards the player with a Title, that can be shown in-game under the player name. Deep Stone Crypt Seal is the seal related to the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, introduced by Bungie within the Beyond Light Expansion. Deep Stone Crypt Seal includes 19 different triumphs (different challenges to do inside the season game content) that must be completed to earn the Descendant in-game title.

Why should I buy the Deep Stone Crypt Seal in Destiny 2?

  • Players will complete the Deep Stone Crypt Seal and each triumph within it, increasing their total triumph score and acquiring the Descendant in-game title.
  • Players will complete the Raid: Deep Stone Crypt Badge, meaning they will obtain every single piece of armor, weapon, and miscellaneous gear from Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

How to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Seal in Destiny 2?

The triumph list is as follows:

  • Deep Stone Crypt: asks to complete all the triumphs for the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.
  • Raid - Deep Stone Crypt: asks to complete the Raid: Deep Stone Crypt associated badge (asks to collect every armor, weapon, and miscellaneous gear from Deep Stone Crypt Raid).
  • Clan Night - Deep Stone Crypt: asks to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid with a team made entirely from clanmates.
  • Control Group: asks to complete all the Deep Stone Crypt Encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class.
  • Electric Sheep: asks to complete all the Deep Stone Crypt Encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Ark subclasses.
  • Meltdown: asks to complete all the Deep Stone Crypt Encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses.
  • Freezing Point: asks to complete all the Deep Stone Crypt Encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Stasis subclasses.
  • Devoid of the Rest: asks to complete all the Deep Stone Crypt Encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses.
  • Cryptkeeper: asks to loot hidden Chests in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.
  • Not a Scratch: asks to bring all the pikes to the end of the first encounter.
  • Rock Bottom: asks to collect all the Exo Stranger logs.
  • Red Rover: asks to complete the Red Rover Challenge.
  • Resource Contention: ask to shut down Crypt Security while only using 2 of the 3 augmentation terminals.
  • Copies of Copies: asks to complete the Copies of Copies Challenge.
  • 5 Seconds to Paradise: asks to defeat Atraks while destroying all servitors within 5 seconds of each other.
  • Of All Trades: asks to complete the Of All Trades Challenge.
  • Short Circuit: asks to confront Taniks while depositing all 4 nuclear cores within 10 seconds of each other.
  • The Core Four: asks to complete the Core Four Challenge.
  • Ready, Set, Go: asks to defeat Taniks, the Abomination while activating pairs of conduit nodes within 5 seconds of each other.

Which are the requirements in order to be able to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Seal in Destiny 2?

  • Players must have purchased Beyond Light expansion.
  • Players will need a minimum power level of 1230+.

Why is it difficult to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Seal in Destiny 2?

  • The list of triumphs required to complete the seal is quite long and time-consuming, meaning that completing it requires a lot of effort from the player and several hours of gameplay.
  • All the Triumphs are bound to Raid and difficult activities.