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Third year in a row, Destiny 2’s Guardian Games sees each of the game’s main classes go to war with each other in a race to earn the most points and be declared the dominant class.

The Guardian Games are a special event in which Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks go head-to-head in direct competition to accumulate points for their class.

You will need to complete bounties and various activities for your class in order to progress and get rewards. This event started on May 3rd and will last until May 24nd, concluding Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen.



  • The Unauthorized Departure exotic ship can be earned by completing the Medallion Stallion Triumph.  
  • The Good Sport emblem can be earned by completing the Platinum Torchbearer Triumph.
  • The Pole Position shader can be earned by completing the Rack 'Em Up Triumph.
  • The Heir Apparent exotic Machine Gun can be acquired through a Quest if players do not already own it, and the Heir Apparent catalyst has a chance to drop from banking Gold or Platinum Medallions if players already own the gun.




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The specific limited time events in Destiny 2 are mostly fun, the majority of players like them since they are a nice change of pace in the game. There is always some new quest, new weapons and emblems to acquire, new activities, etc.


The problem with those events, like Guardian Games, is that they can require a lot of time to be invested in, a luxury that many players do not have.

There is always the saturation factor; you want those nice rewards, like the activities, but grinding is just too much for you, or you just want to do some other activity instead, like raids or dungeons.

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