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Nightfall Strikes are a 3 player activity which resembles Dungeons. The major difference is that there is only one major encounter at the end and you get your rewards upon completion. Depending on the difficulty, the rewards can be some of the best weapons available in the game and they are called "Adept". You can use "Adept" weapon mods which take them to another level when it comes to combat potency.

Nightfall Difficulties:

  • Adept; base difficulty
  • Hero; minor difficulty increase with a minimal chance of obtaining exotic armor
  • Legend; slightly increased difficulty with a small chance for better rewards, including exotic armor
  • Master; significant increase in difficulty with an increasing chance for better rewards including high stat armor and exotics
  • Grandmaster; the most challenging content in the game with the best drops, guaranteed exotic loot if you kill all champions

Grandmaster Nightfalls are one of the hardest activities within the game, in the range of Master Raids and Dungeons and are mandatory for every serious player due to unique loot pools and a weekly rotation of weapons.

The Title and Seal associated with Grandmaster Nightfalls is "Conqueror" which requires the completion of six different Grandmaster Nightfalls using all four sub-classes, a high score and 100 Champions defeated in Nightfall strikes.

You can Gild the Seal by completing all seasonally rotated Grandmaster Nightfalls through a launch node within the Vanguard playlist.

The Six Grandmaster Nightfalls on the list in Season of the Wish are:

  • Birthplace of the Vile
  • The Corrupted
  • HyperNet Current
  • Lake of Shadows
  • Psiops Battleground: Cosmodrome
  • Heist Battleground: Moon

Grandmaster Nightfalls are also the best way of farming Ascendant Shards which is a currency for Masterworking Armor pieces.
By Masterworking Armor pieces, you get +2 for each stat on every single piece meaning you can get +10 for all stats if you Masterwork a full set of armor.

Grandmaster Nightfalls usually require a high amount of coordination, ammo economy and tricks only the Pro players know. Go on a journey with professional players and experience Destiny 2 endgame with our Nightfall Strikes Boost found on this page!



What is Nightfall?

Nightfalls are a harder version of Vanguard Strikes (Strikes are activities that require 3 players. Nightfalls are challenging activities, especially when the highest difficulty level is selected (Master or GrandMaster). We offer five different services about the Nightfall in Destiny 2:

  • The 100k Nightfall: The Ordeal completion: our booster will complete a run of Nightfall the Ordeal with a minimum of 100k points, unlocking for you the Weekly Pinnacle Reward bound to it.
  • The Nightfall: The Ordeal Weekly Powerful completion: our booster will complete the Nightfall the Ordeal Weekly Challenge, unlocking for you the Weekly Powerful Reward bound to it.
  • The Nightfall: The Ordeal Legend Level: our booster will complete a Nightfall: The Ordeal single run at Legend Level (1830); 100k completion is not guaranteed at this level.
  • The Nightfall: The Ordeal Master Level: our booster will complete a Nightfall: The Ordeal single run at Master Level (1840); 100k completion is guaranteed at this level.
  • The Nightfall: The Ordeal Grand Master Level: our booster will complete a Nightfall: The Ordeal single run at Grand Master Level (1840), the highest level available in the game (usually this version become available only mid-season, and it’s not available at the start of a new season); 100k completion is guaranteed at this level with bonus rewards on the first completion.

What are the benefits of completing Nightfall in Destiny 2?

  • Players will have a chance to unlock several rewards, both Pinnacle and Powerful, depending on the chosen level.
  • Completing a Nightfall with a score of at least 100k points will award players with a Pinnacle Reward.
  • Players are required to complete each seasonal Nightfall at GrandMaster Level in order to complete Conqueror Seal and unlock Conqueror in-game Title.

Which are the requirements in order to be able to complete Nightfall in Destiny 2?

  • Players will need to own the corresponding DLC and the current season.
  • Players will need a minimum of 1820+ Power Level in order to complete Legend Nightfall.
  • Players will need a minimum of 1820+ Power Level in order to complete Master Nightfall.
  • Players will need to be 1815+ Power Level in order to complete Grand Master Nightfall.

Why is it difficult to complete Nightfall in Destiny 2?

  • Nightfalls are high-end activities, meaning that are among the hardest activities in Destiny 2, especially when the hardest difficulties are selected.
  • Players will be required to have a very good knowledge of the game mechanics in order to complete a full run of Nightfall.

What happens after purchasing?

In general, we have to get in touch on Discord! We are always online at BlazingBoost Destiny 2#2528.

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Who will complete my Nightfall boost?

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