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About our Solstice Event Boost services:


With the yeary Solstice of Heroes already in full swing, Guardians across the globe are scrambling for the European Aerial Zone, spamming Bonfire Bash and raking up hundreds of thousands of Silver Leaves in an effort to get all the great, limited-time loot the summer Solstice has brought with it.


Occuring once every year in the middle of summer, the Solstice of Heroes is a limited time event meant to commemorate the accomplishments of the past year through tons of earnable cosmetics, shaders, a special Seal, and by far the most important, sought-after bit of all: Solstice Armor!


Bearing one of the most unique cosmetic effects in the game, Solstice Armor is an upgradeable gear set that you get as part of the event, and have to wear to get the most out of every activity you participate in. This armor can be upgraded by completing the Bonfire Bash activity and earning Kindling, steadily upgrading it from a basic set all the way to Pinnacle Gear levels, where reaching its highest upgrade tier, called fully rekindling the set, gives it a unique look and vibrant chromatic glow. Since it is the only armor set in the game to have this kind of effect, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular rewards you could get through our Solstice Event Boost services.


Speaking of, if you've tired of farming Silver Leaves, spamming Bonfire Bashes or grinding through the triumphs to get your Solstice Seal, we've got you covered. You can find each and every one of our Solstice Event Boost services on this page, and if some of them catch your eye, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team through that little Live Chat button on the bottom right corner of the page if you'd like to ask any questions, or need any help setting your service up.



What is the Solstice of Heroes?

The Solstice of Heroes is an annual event commemorating the past year's achievements, usually hosted around early August. The Solstice features a new zone, the European Aerial Zone, and activity, called the Bonfire Bash, where Guardians take out waves of lesser enemies which drop Kindling that they can collect and feed into the bonfire. At the end, a big boss mob spawns, which they also feed to the fire. The more the fire gets fed, the better loot you'll get at the end.

Silver Leaves, Ash and Kindling are the three main currencies for the Solstice Event, with Silver Leaves & Ash being primarily used to buy the many cosmetics available for the duration of the event. Kindling can be used to upgrade your Solstice Armor, a unique and very powerful gear set that, when fully upgraded, has one of the coolest, most unique appearances in the entire game.

What are Solstice Event Boost services?

Our Solstice Event Boost services are tailor-made to help you get the most out of the summer Solstice without having to grind your soul away. You'll need tons of Silver Leaves and Ash if you want to get all the cosmetics, shaders, weapons and other rewards, not to mention Kindling, if you want that unique, chromatic glow that a fully upgraded set of Solstice Armor has. For both, you'll need to be running Bonfire Bashes all summer long, so instead of scorching your will to play away, let us do it for you! Our boosters would be mroe than happy to farm up anything and everything you need, ensuring that you can enjoy a Solstice free from grinding.

What are some of the rewards I can get by buying a Solstice Event Boost?

Although we don't yet know what exactly this year's Solstice of Heroes might bring, we can make a good guess based on the last few years' worth of Solstices, coupled with some recent leaks that suggest some of the rewards will include:

  • A new Strand Rocket Launcher - Crowning Dialogue
  • An unnamed Void Lightweight Frame Bow
  • Two unnamed Exotic Sparrows
  • An unnamed Shader
  • An unnamed Ship

Alongside the usual Seal, shaders and awesome Solstice Armor.

How do your Solstice Event Boost services work?

Pretty much the same as all of our other Destiny 2 boosts: you'll take your pick at whatever you need done, and our boosters will help you do it!

As usual, all of our Solstice Event Boost services can be done in both Sherpa and Recovery, where the latter involves account sharing and thus singificant risk, whereas Sherpa is 100% safe, as you'll be playing alongside your boosters instead of having them hop on your account.