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The Solstice of Heroes is an annual event celebrating all the accomplishments of the past year. No two Solstices are the same, so every year, we've got a whole new, unique event to look forward to, and with it, an array of new rewards both cosmetic and otherwise. And this time around, the Solstice event is shaping up to be quite a big one!


Being the first major content patch of the Final Shape expansion, as well as one of the oldest and longest running seasonal events in all of Destiny 2, the Solstice of Heroes has got some pretty big boots to fill. Eventhough we don't yet know exactly what this event will bring, there have been some leaks suggesting that there's quite a bit of content to come. While you should take the following with a grain of salt, they were aired by the same person who pretty much nailed everything regarding Salvation's Edge weeks before release, so these leaks are likely reliable. Starting off with a bang, Guardians will be able to earn the following during the Solstice of Heroes event:

  • A new Strand Rocket Launcher - Crowning Dialogue
  • An unnamed Void Lightweight Frame Bow
  • Two unnamed Exotic Sparrows
  • An unnamed Shader
  • An unnamed Ship

And surely lots, lots more to come. Since this was just the first few drops to trickle through the leaking pipeline, there will no doubt be plenty more to come the closer we get to the Solstice Event's release on August 6th.


In the meantime, do keep an eye out on this page for updates as more information becomes available. If you've any questions or would like a hand in pre ordering a service, our 24/7 Customer Support team is always here to help - you can reach them by clicking the little Live Chat button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.



What is the Solstice of Heroes?

The Solstice of Heroes, or just Solstice, is an annual event held every summer. Every year round', Solstice brings with it an event jam packed with unique rewards, including limited time cosmetics, weapons, armor and more.

The primary attraction of every Solstice is the unique Solstice Armor and Weapons that you can earn by completing the Bonfire Bash limited time activity, and by farming Silver Leaves / Ash, the primary event currency, and Kindling, which you can use to upgrade your armor. Fully upgrading, or rather, rekindling your Solstice Armor will apply a unique glowing effect to it, making it one of the most eye-catching cosmetics in the game. You can also get plenty of shaders and other cosmetics at Eva Levante throughout the duration of the event. All event activities take place at the European Aerial Zone, a new limited-time location available only during the Solstice.

What will the Solstice of Heroes look like this year?

The Solstice of Heroes will likely look a lot like it did last year, revolving around having to complete the Bonfire Bash activity, a neat little co-op mode where you kill enemies to spawn an Ignition Carrier, which you then feed drops from said enemies into, followed by a short, hectic bossfight. It is somewhat similar to Vanguard Ops. The whole event revolves around farming Silver Leaves, which you can then convert into Silver Ash by stoking the bonfire in the Bonfire Bash event while wearing Solstice Armor. You have to be wearing at least one piece of armor to participate in the event.

Silver Ash is the primary currency for the Solstice, with Kindling being a secondary currency with which you can updgrade, or rekindle, your Sunlit Armor. Reaching max level by fully rekindling your armor makes it glow, giving it a look unique to Solstice Armor alone.

What kind of stuff does the Solstice of Heroes bring into the game?

Solstice of Heroes is well known for spicing up summer by bringing in boatloads of new, unique rewards, both cosmetic and functional. Here's what you can generally expect from this year's Solstice:

  • Sunlit Armor, a unique set of armor that can be obtained only during the Solstice of Heroes. Apart from being de-facto Pinnacle Gear when fully upgraded, rekindled Sunlit Armor has one of the most unique cosmetic effects in the game, a shiny, chromatic glow.
  • New weapons, most likely, a Strand Rocket Launcher called the Crowning Dialogue.
  • A chance to obtain the 'Flamekeeper' title, and its Gilded variant by completing the Solstice Seal.

And more to come.