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As we wait for the Final Shape, Bungie has decided to release a surprise update titled 'Into the Light' to help make the wait a little lighter: and what an update it is! This huge content patch has brought a ton of new stuff to Destiny 2, including a new gamemode, lots of old weapons coming back as a brand new Brave Arsenal full of their reprised versions, new armor, new ships, and the unexpected return of some of Destiny 2's most iconic exotic missions: 'The Whisper' and 'Zero Hour'!

Through our Into the Light Exotic Missions services, you'll be able to get your hands on either one of these elusive exotics, complete their exotic missions on any difficulty, and if you'd like, farm up their respective ships, the Krave of the Worm and Scrap CF-717-91!

If you've any questions regarding these services, feel free to contact our around the clock Customer Support team over on Live Chat!



What are Into the Light Exotic Missions?

In Destiny 2, certain special weapons called Exotics are obtainable through completing their own unqiue Exotic Mission. Such is the case with the Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected, and their Exotic Missions 'The Whisper' and 'Zero Hour', respectively. By completing Exotic Missions on Legendary difficulty, you can gain access to its exotic weapon's Catalyst, which adds an extra perk to the weapon, making it hit bthat much harder!

The veteran Guardians among us might remember these fan-favorite missions from all the way back in Warmind and the Season of the Drifter, having since been revised, improved and brough back alongside their respective exotic weapons. Completing the Whisper will award Guardians with the Whisper of the Worm, a solar sniper rifle packed to the brim with amazing exotic perks and one of the coolest weapon models in the game.

Likewise, completing Zero Hour will give Guardians acess to Outbreak Perfected, a top-tier pulse rifle known for its low recoil, long range and ability to melt bosses, packs of adds or even other Guardians, if PVP is more your style.

How do I unlock the Into the Light Exotic Missions?

It's simple, really, so simple that it only has one step: launch Destiny 2! That's right, in their infinite kindness, Bungie has decided that this entire content patch should come for completely free, meaning that you do not need any DLC to enjoy all the items and activities that come with it. In fact, you can already start grinding out your Triumphs or tackling those Exotic Missions just as soon as Into the Light releases on April 9th.

How do I get the exotics from Into the Light?

To get the Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected, the two exotics making their second debut during Into the LIght, you'll need to complete their associated Exotic Missions, those being the Whisper and Zero Hour respectively. These can be done in both Sherpa and Recovery, and can be finished on any difficulty, though you'll only be able to get the Catalyst for each gun if you complete its Exotic Mission on Legendary difficulty.

How do I earn the Catalysts from Into the Light's new Exotics?

You can earn the Whisper of the Worm or Outbreak Perfected's Catalysts if you complete each Exotic Mission on Legendary Difficulty, though do be warned, it isn't so simple as just shooting some Taken or Fallen. Both of these missions are known for their difficulty, and Legend mode only makes them that much tougher. But not to worry, we've got your back!