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We will farm the desired amount of Grand Master Nightfalls in order to obtain the Adept Silicon Neuroma for you.


To acquire the roll you want for the Adept Silicon Neuroma, you may need to try multiple times. You can have fun and save time by playing with our pros or having them play for you! Get a boost right away, and we'll take care of the rest.


NOTE: We will start your order once the weapon is in rotation. If you’re unsure when the weapon will be in rotation please feel free to contact us either on Livechat or Discord.




What is the Adept Silicon Neuroma?

The Adept Silicon Neuroma is one of the best Sniper Rifles out there for PvE-related content. It has some pretty decent rolls such as Triple Tap, Focused Fury, and Firing Line. It can also be equipped with Adept Mods making it that much more useful! The Adept Silicon Neuroma is an Aggressive Frame sniper meaning that it’s not as useful for PvP unfortunately, but should you want to use it for PvP it does roll with our most beloved Sniper Rifle perk for PvP: Snapshot Sights.

Why should I buy the Adept Silicon Neuroma Boost?

  • Players will be obtaining the Adept Silicon Neuroma.
  • Players will obtain an Adept Mod upon finishing the Grandmaster Nightfall.
  • Players will be saving a lot of time and money.

What are the requirements for getting the Adept Silicon Neuroma Boost?

  • Players do not require any expansion for this Nightfall.
  • Players need to be above 1595+ Power Level.

Why is it difficult to get the Adept Silicon Neuroma?

  • Grand Master Nightfalls are one of the top PvE endgame activities, meaning that they require a lot of game knowledge.
  • The Adept Silicon Neuroma is a legendary weapon, this means that it can potentially roll with undesirable perks and therefore might need multiple runs of the activity.