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Our anti hacking policy

All of our pros regularly upload proofs (such as videos or alike) for every single PvE and PvP order completion. Even if our pros are routinely screened, our dedicated team still reviews every order.

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Lubrae's Ruin - Glaive in Destiny 2
1-6h Estimated Starting Time
Flexible Estimated Completion Time

Lubrae's Ruin - Glaive

We'll use the best farming method to push your Lubrae's Ruin Godroll (Legendary Glaive, Normal, Red Border, or Adept Version)


We will get your desired amount of Lubrae's Ruin weapons from the Vow of the Disciple Raid. Our pros will use the most efficient and fastest methods in the game to get them. By ordering more weapons, you're getting a growing discount!

We do not touch your Spoils of Conquest. We farm more and use those after completing a Rhulk Kill. 

This service offers a lot of customization. Choose the options and checkboxes that fit you best to get your custom service! We also encourage reading the 'How do we get your weapons exactly' paragraph below if you want to understand the full game mechanics and our farming strategies.


  • The desired amount of Lubrae's Ruin weapons
  • Chance to get all other Legendary weapons & armor from encounters as we farm Spoils
  • Chance to get any other Red Border weapons from Vow of the Disciple
  • Season Pass and Artifact XP
  • Everything else that drops you get to keep!


  • On this page, you can view the product's description and customize your order with Extra Options.
  • After purchasing, we need you to kindly provide us your order information (such as the Guardian you want us to complete the service on, for example).
  • In the meanwhile, we will get in touch on Discord to start working on your order! Our website's LiveChat can guide you on the way if you need help.
  • We will match you with a pro that fits your needs and organise the service's start, keeping you up to date!
  • If you buy a Sherpa service, we will create a group conference between you and your assigned pro, so you can schedule and meet each other in game. Sherpas are always recommended for 100% safety. 
  • If you buy a Recovery service, we will find a pro that will log on your account and start as soon as possible. You will be able to communicate with them directly through a Discord channel to exchange login codes.


  • In the meanwhile, our post-purchase support can always assist you in Discord DMs for any question, 24/7!

How do we get your weapon(s) exactly?


  1. We do not farm the weapon by spamming the raid encounter every week, but we buy your desired amount with Spoils of Conquest at the last boss, in one reset. The price you are paying includes new Spoils farm! Therefore, if you buy 5 Weapons, we will farm enough Spoils to buy them.
  2. By game design, our pros can only buy the weapon if have dropped it at least once before. If you haven't, the price is higher as we have to farm the appropriate boss first, until you drop it once; and then we'll farm Spoils and buy the amount you need. 


  1. The concept is the same, as we will farm new Spoils of Conquest and buy the weapon. However, only the first purchase of the week will be of guaranteed Red Border. Therefore, with the standard version of this service, we can only guarantee you x1 Red Border of your desired weapon per week. 
    After a lot of testing, we can confirm that, unfortunately, you do not have a chance to get a Red Border from extra purchases in a Normal raid. 

  2. To increase your chances, we can however complete a full raid clear and get the Weekly Red Border Chest (which requires a full raid clear), if you select the option. This will grant you, once per week on your account, one RANDOM Red Border weapon from the raid. If lucky, this could be the exact weapon you are buying right now, but it could be another one too. 

  3. Another Extra Strategy can be completing the encounter that drops the weapon, every week. There is always a chance for it to be Red Border instead. You can in fact ask us to complete that raid step on 1, 2, or 3 guardians per week. This is optional but it can increase your chances further. 

  4. A final way to earn Red Borders is using your Season Pass Ranks, which we can farm for you if you need. In fact, a currency named 'Deepsight Harmonizer' can be used to turn a normal weapon into a Red Border. Season of the Witch grants you 6 Harmonizers in total, of which 3 can be earned by playing the game for free, and 3 can be earned by buying the Premium track on Bungie's store. To see the full Season Pass Rewards and the ranks you need to get each Harmonizer, you can visit this very nice article.

  • Therefore, if you purchase 5 Normal Weapons from us, you can immediately have x5 Red Borders if you use your x5 Harmonizers! 

FOR ADEPT VERSION of the weapon:

  1. The concept is still the same, as we will farm new Spoils of Conquest and buy the weapon. As for the Normal weapons, you must have obtained the Adept Weapon before we can purchase it.

  2. The Adept Weapons are only available in the Master version of Vow of the Disciple. To obtain 1 Adept weapon, you must complete the active Weekly Challenge, that will guarantee 1 random Adept Weapon.

  3. Vow of the Disciple Raid has a specific loot protection system when it comes to Adept Weapons: since the Weapon you get is random when you complete a Weekly Challenge, you will ALWAYS GET 1 Adept Weapon that you haven't obtained until you got them all, at least once.
    Therefore, if you need to obtain your first Adept Weapon, we will complete the Weekly Challenge each week until you get your first drop
    This means it could take up to 6 weeks to get your First Adept Lubrae's Ruin if you're very unlucky (but you'll get all other Adepts on the way at least)!


24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Have any questions? We're always here to help.

Reliable and Fast

Reliable and Fast

We will do everything in our power to organize & finish your order as soon as possible!

Guaranteed Weapons

Guaranteed Weapons

We will farm the amount of weapons you select until you have them - guaranteed!

Requirements & Rules


  1. The recommended power level for your Guardian is 1945 (2010 Master). However, due to the Fireteam Power system introduced with the Final Shape, this is not a total necessity. Therefore, we do not want to charge you more money for being of low power level. However, the closer you are to 1945 (2010 Master), the easier and faster the service will be.
  2. To buy your weapon from the last boss, you need to have dropped it at least once. If you haven't, make sure you select the "Never Obtained" option please.
  3. By game design, the first purchase of the week will always be of Red Border. Therefore, you can always expect x1 Red Border Lubrae's Ruin per week.
  4. The red border chest will grant you one random Red Border from the raid per week, so not necessarily the weapon you desire.


  1. If you buy this service without having dropped the normal weapon before, we need to farm the appropriate boss and hope it drops as soon as possible. The drop chance is out of our control, but we can spam attempts when the Raid is in rotation. Usually, this is doable within 1 reset if the raid is in rotation.
  2. If you buy a Standard weapon that you have already dropped before, we can complete your whole service in 1-2 days. We just need to farm Spoils, kill Rhulk, and buy all of your desired weapons at once. 
  3. If you buy a Red Border weapon, we can guarantee you x1 per week. Therefore, by buying 3 Red borders the ETA can be 3 weekly resets.  This can only be assured if you do not buy another weapon on your own! The guaranteed Red Border is ONE PER ACCOUNT (per raid).  
  4. The Red Border chest or the spamming attempts when the Raid is in rotation, with the appropriate extra options, can increase your chances. However, you may get other Red Border weapons that you are not targeting. These options can certainly help but the most reliable source is the guaranteed x1 Red Border weapon purchase per week. Destiny is a grindy game!
  5. We consider the service completed when you have earned your desired amount of weapons. If you buy 5 Red Borders and we get them in 3 resets, the service is considered fully completed of course. 
  6. If you buy Adept weapons without having dropped the adept weapon before, we need to farm the Weekly Challenges and hope it drops as soon as possible. As for normal weapons, this is usually doable within one reset.
  7. If you buy an Adept weapon that you have already dropped before, we can complete your whole service in 1-2 days. We just need to farm Spoils, kill Rhulk in Master, and buy all of your desired weapons at once. 


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